1. "Call the cops" by ashtray. That whole album is just describing they're punk lifestyle and I loved it

  2. Your the only person I've seen that has listened To more crywank them me

  3. TVFHD is amazing, but doesn't work as an ending for the series.

  4. "It always the person who asks who washes the dishes after the revolution who never fucking does them"

  5. I think if it's for local scenes you don't have to listen to much of a band to buy there merchandise since you are supporting local artists

  6. Merry happy by Kate Nash It goes way to hard for a early 2000s pop song

  7. I'm against the death penalty for all circumstances but this is close to changing my mind tho rehabilitative justice has to be for all if it is to work

  8. Well my thought process along with most people who advocate for rehabilitative justice is the idea that if you say we should rehabilitate criminals except for x sets a dangerous precedent. In a truly moral society that has reformative justice you don't get to decide whether on not someone can have human rights based on anything even they're moral character they have human rights cause they are human. Basically injustice is bad even if you fucking hate that person and everyone has the right to be treated humanely otherwise that's just giving the state power to strip our human rights for what they deem an offence Hope that clears it up

  9. Cheap perfume - it's okay (to Punch Nazis) The Muslims - punch a Nazi

  10. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6wZqXNpBi1Fo10esmwJSTv?si=CcqMsFdpQS2Rfc4woYb3Ag&utm_source=copy-link

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