1. He is not, though I can see why you would say that. Their point is that you should not be in the hobby if it is too expensive. My point is that anyone can be a gamer, even people who can’t afford the expensive stuff.

  2. I litteraly gave you the most budget build possible even under the price of a series s the thing people praise for being affordable

  3. If you can't afford the bare minimum for a hobby you shouldn't be in the hobby. You should be saving money for you know, living in general.

  4. To get the unique Armor for the characters do you need to have them repped up to legendary gear?

  5. Both her feats are frankly badly designed, the t3 isn’t helped by being feintable

  6. Not too shabby but try doing the heavy instead of the light it has hyper armor and if they expect a light it will throw them off.

  7. Palm strike? I know they dodge but like warmonger parried on the third so expect that

  8. Shinobi, just annoying to fight he's like a fuckin mosquito zapping around the whole map

  9. If only pirate had easy access to an unblockable with hyper armor. Oh well, in another universe I guess

  10. I don't disagree with the damage being laughable, but at least it's armored and unblockable, and with dodge cancels it's kinda spammable against turtle

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