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  1. Ha...that's actually happened to me. Was sober; cops talked to me for awhile and concluded I didn't have an issue but told me my car stank.

  2. I had a similar situation but with the devil’s lettuce. I’m an electrician and was building a medical marijuana grow facility when my state first legalized medical marijuana. As it was explained to me they had a time limit from when the license was issued to when growing needed to begin. I think to prevent someone from obtaining a license and then dragging out the process for years and not generating tax revenue for the state. In any case, about 2/3 of the way through the job they needed to begin growing. They had to build a walled off corner of the job and have controlled access to the area for the remainder of the job. 24hr security and a requirement to notify the state of any workers going in the area a minimum of one day in advance. Between the portions of the overall job that transversed this controlled area and the equipment within this area that would need installation or maintenance/ troubleshooting, I was listed as a daily access person and in there several days a week for the remainder of the job. By the last couple weeks the plants were getting pretty pungent. I started noticing the smell in my shirt while in my car at the end of the day. I was pulled over on my way home one afternoon and the officer picked up the smell while getting my license and insurance card. I started the whole “no really, I’m just working at the construction site where the new grow facility is being built” song and dance. Luckily I was still in the same town as the job site and the officer knew of the job and saw my obvious construction attire. He let me go after assuring him I had nothing on me and we get random drug tests from my union etc.. He didn’t even give me the speeding ticket!

  3. I’d probably go with the team that lost ONE game in the post season and then swept the WS

  4. The hotel we stayed at for the Nashville shows with the Shit Creek Boys had a Shoney’s right down the street. We saw the sign that said $6.99 (I’m pretty sure) and making the same reference then. Damn inflation

  5. Join weenstreamexchange on FB. It’s a dormant group for the most part unless there’s a show going. There’s a guy who streams most of the shows. Great quality for a guy holding his phone. He’ll occasionally ask (not required at all) for a few bucks to help cover ticket/travel costs. Totally worth it. Last nights show in TX was fucking great!

  6. My aunt usually gets at least one a year from her potted pineapples grown from cut off tops. I’m not sure how many she has going now, last time I was there she had 2

  7. I’ve put it in a spray bottle and used it too keep ribs moist during a smoke. Also have injected it into a pork shoulder on the smoker (and sprayed) Still haven’t found the amount of Whiskey to use to get the desired flavor but it’s more than I’ve done so far.

  8. Start with a béchamel to keep it creamy. Should be cooked before smoking. Alternatively, you can use sodium citrate to keep the cheese from solidifying after melting.

  9. What is a proper sodium citrate ratio? I’ve never heard of this so before I ruin a first attempt…

  10. Haha funny you say that, that’s what triggered it

  11. If you’re on FB, weenstreamexchange (one word) will sometimes have live streams of shows as they’re happening. Only if not available on fans. Or another site. Shot by a fan in front row on his phone. Surprisingly good quality

  12. Boognish Monster on YouTube has tons of live shows and b-sides. Early releases etc

  13. A well placed “make American great again” sticker right in front of Joes finger would really set em’ off. Since it’s only vandalism to remove the stickers

  14. Every time. Never on there at all anymore. Ever!!! Haven’t seen it on there in well over a year.

  15. Yeah it looked like last sold was in January. If you’re not already a member maybe look into joining weenvinylexchange (one word) on FB. Still rare there but you may be able to get someone to sell one as well. Good luck!

  16. I’ve gone and as a fisherman it was fantastic. Strangest thing in the world for “Deaner” to roll up to your hotel at 4:30am to pick you up for a day of charter fishing. I didn’t bring up Ween once and kept it to fishing talk. Or other non band talk. He told a quick Ween anecdote once or twice that whatever conversation reminded him of, but otherwise it wasn’t talked about. He did say he was glad I was a serious fisherman (he could tell by familiarity with the equipment etc) and it was an unenjoyable outing if he was getting peppered with band talk. Worth a shot to email and see if he still does the smaller trips local to him. Delaware River Bass fishing trips. I think the off shore charters aren’t happening anymore.

  17. Duct tape a fish filet to the bottom of the most unlike observable furniture location.

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