1. I guess so. I remember they were hard tickets to get outside the venue but I’m sure like most things, it seems like a bigger deal after the fact that it did at the time.

  2. Do you remember how much you paid for tickets?

  3. Not really. Was quite a while ago. Nothing crazy I’m sure, so probably close to whatever face value was at the time I do remember night 2 we couldn’t find tickets and a friend knew the beat cop in the area. He walked us up to will call and told them “I need 2” and they gave him 2 that were just stamped “COMP” which he gave us and said have a good show.

  4. I have a vertical smoker and nobody seems to make blankets for them :( anybody have any ideas other than a welding blanket since I really don't want any fiberglass near my food?

  5. I have used my vertical smoker in January by wrapping moving blankets around the sides, putting nothing on top near the vent, and making sure air could get in at the bottom to feed the fan/pellet cup. Held the blankets on with a small ratchet strap. May be able to bungee if you find the right size.

  6. I ran into Elijah Wood at the reunion shows in 2016 I've heard Jesse Eisenberg(sp?) Is also a big fan

  7. Well if they are fundraising they may want to be more specific with which Post 615. IL, Oh, Pa and TX all have a post 615. Possibly other states as well

  8. Why wouldn't they be? Is your state strict on that stuff? Hell I just drove through my town this weekend and saw maybe a half dozen groups doing some sort of raffle for funds.

  9. I didn’t know if it was allowed in this sub. It’s definitely legal in my town/state.

  10. Tell me more about this “meat raffle,” and how I can buy tickets for the next one!

  11. Strange I saw this meat raffle post. I was just coming to look into posting about a 1/2 hog raffle we’re doing at our local American Legion. I wasn’t sure if those kind of posts were allowed. To answer you question, I’d check with bars, churches or veteran organizations around your area.

  12. I wish I’d grown peppers this year. I never could wait for them to turn red but did get a bunch this color

  13. This is fantastic! I wish I could look at a large format print of this to really get the full effect

  14. I wish I lived close enough to the good guy to become a customer. Thanks for sharing

  15. My LGS doesn’t even have enough people to run MTG events anymore. They still carry card behind the counter and will order me a box etc but no singles in display cases and no Friday night magic or commander league. They said Covid basically killed off the player base that they had ( as in they didn’t return, not literally)

  16. Casey’s is far better than I expected from a gas station based pizza place. Had it on a job site and was impressed. For Frozen, Aldi has a frozen one that I doctor up a little bit and it’s good to satisfy a craving but definitely not as good as Casey’s

  17. While more of a “break up” song this will get your point across pretty well.

  18. Well he was a session musician that played on 1 Bowie album, but he also played with the Stones, BB King, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and a ton of other well-known artists.

  19. David Sanborn has a pretty extensive solo career as well as tons of sideman gigs. His Wikipedia doesn’t show his appearance on Your Party but I’m almost positive it’s him that did the session.

  20. It is him. I believe it’s in the notes in the album. In vegas a few years back Angelo from fishbone played sax on your party. It’s was killer!

  21. That’s awesome! I saw him play with them at Stubbs in 2017. Night of the first full Stallion Suite in front of an audience. Great shows, as usual!

  22. We all have these feelings about things we love and wishing for more. Whether it be more experiences or wishing for more understanding of the past. Obviously those things in the past can’t happen, but be glad that you are experiencing the rebirth of Ween after going through several things that could or should have destroyed them. They are in top form and playing with a love for the music (and each other) that hasn’t been seen in some time. These are the days!

  23. I have a set up like this made from the Coleman Party Stacker cooler. Nice flat lid for hole making and 2 different sizes of cooler depending on how much you’re looking to sous vide. Fairly cheap too

  24. I’d make sure to have a few of the most often played songs (can be sorted by most played on brownbase) to ensure there’s at least a couple songs she is able to say “oh, I know this one!” and make the experience I bit more memorable/ enjoyable. But if she likes whatever you put together it’s going to be memorable anyway. Have fun!!

  25. That’s fantastic! Congratulations!! I believe I was at the first performance at Stubbs. Well second after All Request Live but first in front of a crowd. It was mind blowing, I’m so happy for you all!

  26. that's a bummer. I really hate to see people get scammed. I have a Schiit Modi lying around that you can have if you want it. Just send me some $ for shipping....$55 should cover it.

  27. I’d watch for poster/artist announcement. If it’s a big name artist with a huge following, I’d go earlier than an hour. The flippers will be in force. Have fun!!

  28. Also, the boss will probably get an email once his funds are about to be moved. He also activated 2FA if he's clever. And if he's clever he'll probably know who has access to his funds

  29. Couldn’t OP open their own Nexo acct with whatever minimum balance they can afford to see exactly what the platform requires as far as 2FA etc?

  30. Sounds good. It interesting because I had seen the video below as a “lesson” and while it’s played different it’s not incredibly different sounding. The highs ring a bit more in the video version. Just thought I’d share as another way to look at it. Definitely sounds good though, keep it up!

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