1. And educated voters as well it seems. Also, I’d be curious to look up how many churches in Texas have voting booths.

  2. Agree. Made this mistake. 225 it was fine but tried 250 once as it was wrapped and they burned. Not bad like this but I’m sure it was the brown sugar

  3. Yeah don’t think it has to do with cooking them at 250. I’ve been getting better results smoking at 250 than 225 lately. Doesn’t dry everything out as much.

  4. Putting that thing together will keep him busy for a while.

  5. I hadn't heard that. I got mine from Costco and the biggest issue was it weighed about 800 pounds.

  6. Hmmm, maybe it’s a Home Depot thing, or maybe I’m just remembering wrong. It has been awhile since I installed it.

  7. TST Pings! Should be cavity backs. Not sure if that makes them player improvement irons.

  8. You likely could drop the 4i and use a 3H in its place. Then use a 5W as the next club. Go D, 5W, 3H, 5i… or even …3H, 4H, 6i. Part of the getting better process is testing clubs to see what works for you. Nothing has to be final. Don’t feel the need to fill up 14 clubs. Even 12 is plenty if gapped properly.

  9. I like that idea… I’ve been using my current 3h for basically all of my long shots. Only use my 4i if the landing area is small and I need to be more precise. Aka when a bad shot would be worse than a mishit.

  10. Your right leg is rotating too early it seems. You’re rotating your leg through and that’s great, but that should be happening after contact. Initially you should be pushing into the ground and the leg shouldn’t be rotating.

  11. Okay that’s kinda what I was working on and probably over exaggerated it. I’ve had a tendency to get on both my toes and scoop/flip at it.

  12. Everyone's fitness age is 20 according to Garmin. (Edit: maybe my forerunner is too old - 245)

  13. Also they can blame the ‘government controlled public system.’ Try to expand private control over schools. From there you can push for them to be religious oriented. After that just keep using religious rhetoric and lack of education to stay in power.

  14. i have no clue, the tanks at least 8 months old as well as the rock and the most recent edition is one of the clowns, and i have no clue how he would have snuck in with the plastic cup the clown was in

  15. Probably was on the rocks then. Assuming the rocks were owned by someone else before?

  16. Airbnb and Uber were essentially illegal when they started, so I’d say that’s pretty unexpected that it exists now.

  17. Great example is NY. In NY a taxi token is needed to operate a taxi in the city. The prices have gotten absurd and to own one it costs about a million dollars to buy one, AFAIK.

  18. Lieutenant——— is a married man, aged 34. He has had a good education, and living on the frontier at ?????? has travelled abroad considerably. He is a ??????? official by trade. He entered the party in 1939 and left it again in 1940 or 1941, through a “??technical??” mistake on the part of the party.

  19. I hope you had a great meal 🙂 with the help of you and the previous comment I could fill out all the missing pieces. Thank you so much!

  20. Well shoot, I just never went back to Reddit… Glad someone else could be of assistance.

  21. Joao really only shines in archipelago maps, Yongle is busted everywhere

  22. Who would want to buy an entire account they could only play one game on?

  23. Usually they have lots of games. So you can buy an account with 100 games for like $15.

  24. Exactly my thoughts - it would have been fine if the barbs didnt join, or 1 civ at a time...

  25. Not sure if your tried, but asking the two other civs to go to war with each other helps sometimes.

  26. You can do that while they are at war with you?

  27. I fail to see what more Jiraiya could have done against Danzō and the Elders as well. The Elders are still around in Naruto's time. I feel like it's more a matter of them being a symbol of the respect paid to old traditions, etc... The way Tsunade never listened to anything they said still proves that they don't wield any kind of political power either.

  28. Yeah killing the elders would potentially cause more problems than the elders themselves caused.

  29. Yeah that sharingan arm is scary though, haha. I wouldn’t underestimate him. Plus he usually had some bodyguards.

  30. Clean the sensor. I had this happen to me after washing the sensor and not getting the soap off of it.

  31. Lol, yeah. I play on Marathon so I have nothing but time. I enjoy micromanaging every turn and taking my time.

  32. Basically, the third hokage had favored him rather than naruto. Compare their living situation when they were children.

  33. But he was shunned by the whole village no acknowledgement from the higher ups you can see the difference, how they treat naruto and how they treat sasuke. Though he did have an apartment but you can tell that sasuke had been taken care of whilst naruto didn't get any special treatment..

  34. You joke but this is 100% the truth. All his wives probably had minimal or maybe zero schooling and were probably betrothed at 16 or even earlier.

  35. How is it working for you since? How useful do you find training readiness, to gauge expected performance?

  36. I’ve stopped really using training readiness. I’ve stopped using it as a gauge of if I should train or not kind of thing. I use it more as way of telling if I can do more to recover better. Aka, did I need more sleep or something. I still use it if I feel sore to motivate myself to move around a bit. If it’s saying I recovered well I’ll try and do something. Since I have an indicator that it’s probably just DOMs.

  37. One of the main reasons why most Korean pros hate Life

  38. Kind of a misplaced hate. Yes he did do it, but a lot of other players were doing it as well. He’s just the big name player that got caught.

  39. This is the best and only option out of the 11 lol especially for that reason. He joins after Naruto forgets about him and makes sure he remembers him after that by fucking shit up!

  40. Then Naruto talk no jutsu’s him out of the Akatsuki. Ez storyline. Where’s our money.

  41. Shino wouldn’t need it because he’s so OP. Literally just leave some bugs. Let them populate. Keep running around leaving more bugs. Shadow clone to speed the process up. Enemy eventually walks near the bugs. GG.

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