1. For me Horikita and Yuki are the same if you go back and see yuki illustration in swimming pool you can feel horikita vibes on her the way she look to ayano but more on year 2 horikita and what if ayano feel the same way what if horikita and yuki are same personality who don't give up even they fall down but on yuki case she didn't survive and Ayano plan is the same to yuki

  2. Kiyo and Suzune falling in lovee with each other because one kid is divorced from his emotions and another kid wants to fall in love 'instinctualy''?

  3. So this man predict the future and also commented about Horikita x Ayano shipper that they will eating good

  4. Sad kiyo got down 2 ,8 even the last episode is good and bell is no 3 now nice and next is my Ryuu / Lyuu

  5. Imao ppl here didn't watched or read damachi light novel and saying it's a horrible man damachi next arc is peak and best arc in anime even me i will put damachi in S tier if your read the light novel

  6. Provide source mate. And remember to spoiler mark any comment that contains spoilers

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