1. Ummm so basically we give up a valuable asset and get… negative asset? How many picks are we getting from the team with no picks?

  2. Send him to Phoenix for Ayton, seems like a good deal for both teams. Phoenix gets defense and shooting Packers get a young talented player who fits the timeline of their roster.

  3. Happens when you use the Replicator. Knock yourself down with a grenade if you have teammates, or Alt + F4 if you don't (you should get back to the game if you're still alive).

  4. I mean can you really blame them? MPJ is the only proven guy we have

  5. I mean… 25 through 32 could be flipped any way and it would be hard to argue.

  6. Just another guy to take possessions away from the 2 guys that should always have the possessions on the team lol

  7. So happy for you guys! He’s gonna be a good player.

  8. I really don’t understand letting go of Myles when we don’t have another C on the roster really. Goga shouldn’t be getting anymore reps in the NBA, and Jackson is more of a 4 than a 5.

  9. Seems like you’re fixating on one year. IJax is also a Center imo

  10. I don’t see it, but if that’s the route we go, I’d be happy to see a fuckin lob city

  11. Not close to true. 1 year of Myles isn’t going to be worth more than a first and a player back to most teams.

  12. Also a Celtics fan - I'm curious more about his health. Any idea where he's at healthwise right now?

  13. The guys just doesn’t play through ANY minor inconvenience. If he shows up on the injury report, even if he plays, he will likely leave for the rest of the game at some point.

  14. Name a nba player who didn’t blow in lebrons ear at the free throw line /s

  15. Why the hell would we want him lol, we'll have to gut our team like Brooklyn did and then he'll just demand his way out soon after that.

  16. One of the greatest players of our generation. Why would we not want him? We would go from rebuilding team to at least playoff optimistic instantly.

  17. We would be a mid tier team in the East with no choice of getting to the finals

  18. So… no change in 2 decades except for having one of the best players we will ever be alive to see?

  19. None of this sub has watched ayton play which is why they’re all saying they’d rather have Turner

  20. I’ve watched both play, and it would really be about the direction we want to go. Myles will always be a perimeter C and shot blocked, and Ayton is more of an inside guy and isn’t a liability defensively. Do you want the lane clogged with a big or do you want to play more 4 out with Hali running point. I prefer Myles simply because I’m a stan and will not accept any rationale or logic that goes against my opinion.

  21. I'm okay with Ayton as long as it isn't for the max. I guess a lot of the financials behind the scenes depend on how much Myles is asking for. I don't know if he is worth that much. If we are going to go through with it though, what is the most we should give up? I would imagine Phoenix would want Myles to potentially signed long-term. Our 2023 FRP from Cleveland is about the most I'd really want to send their way in addition to Myles.

  22. Remove the 2020-21 season, and LeVert’s average games played per season skyrockets up to a whopping 54.2. Still less than Brogdon

  23. I’m just saying one has actual injuries and issues. The other is diagnosed with a new ailment every week.

  24. Is the battlepass bugged? after a game it said I got to lvl 109 but in the lobby it still says im 108..? tried restarting the game too and its still the same.

  25. At that point… does it really matter? You’re 1 or 2 levels away

  26. Also not a great fit, I'd rather take things really slow and wait to make a big move.

  27. Ewing just teabagged me and the Pacers now have Randle and Westbrook contract

  28. I was gold/plat last split after not playing for 2 years. Boy was a fucking greeted to the show in my first game at plat.

  29. That was me. Doubt it will make a difference but it was worth a shot.

  30. It’s kinda funny, cuz without having a cheat code the rest of her kit is pretty obsolete now.

  31. Kinda like asking for Trevor Lawrence head in Jax. SHR has been extremely bad all around and the youngest guy is struggling the most.

  32. Which I just said why… tanking season and a surgery on a ligament.

  33. He probably still only would’ve hit 60 games last year if they really pushed him to come back. And a torn ligament is an injury so idk what you’re trying to say with that

  34. My point is that he’s played 7 seasons, and only the last 2 were cut significantly short 1 of which was pretty clearly to keep tanking.

  35. Dont think you can buy online or in the app. In store only.

  36. Its not 3 random dudes, you are increasingly naive. Resisting and fleeing are not grounds for murder yes. Its the fleeing in a vehicle aka a deadly weapon while heavily intoxicated and almost killing dude whose dead bounced off the bumper that justifies, ideally, a non lethal shot

  37. Reddit is wild man. The same people would blame them for “letting him get away” once he mows down a family on a sidewalk while he’s joyriding on his methed out bender.

  38. So your telling me you’d rather Myles at 25 per over DA at 30?

  39. I’m a Myles Stan so yea, but trying to get rid of my bias, there’s a reason why Ayton is being talked about in FA.

  40. guessing you didn’t watch that finals run. I’ll see myself out.

  41. Either way, I’m gonna be watching the games, and if it’s with him on the team then cool. If not, oh well.

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