1. That's your preference. why should your preference be wrong? as long as you are not going for minors, I don't care what people's preferences are and I find it weird that people get pressed over someone else's standards.

  2. well then those people can eat dirt. do what you want.

  3. I loved lawless lawyer, I haven't seen the veil yet.

  4. If you have seen other Namkoong Min dramas, you will gasp at how bulked up he got for this role. 💪🏽 I almost didn't recognize him!

  5. I looked the drama up and saw a small clip, I was surprised. I am used to seeing him in comedic roles, we love a versatile king

  6. making a tiktok, especially when you are alone in public.

  7. my cousin said “But I don't want to go to banana” in her sleep. is there a dream place called banana?

  8. any amapiano song sounds amazing when you are driving at night

  9. my mother's brother died. I was very close to him

  10. Racism against white people and it not being called racist because they think it's ok. sexism against men, women getting away with pedophilia and the men that can't get laid always making the stupid “I wish it happened to me at 14” comment.

  11. disrespectful regardless of your belief. I am not muslim but I would never do such a thing at a mosque out of respect. everyone wants their beliefs to be respected until it's something you don't agree with. doing such a thing at a place where it's not allowed just makes you a horrible person

  12. not because I am not in a relationship. sex to me is not just physical, I cannot imagine sleeping with a man I feel nothing for. I need to have feelings for someone.

  13. Holy crap! I am Mary and I am carrying the messiah!

  14. I would love to see deadpool annoy the hell out of John Wick

  15. USA. the thought of possibly getting sick with their messed up health care scares me. also Americans don't realize how truly isolated they are from the rest of the world.

  16. I can immediately recall up to 10 numbers or patterns after seeing them once.

  17. The British English accent is fairly new. Newer than US English.

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