AITA for not caring for a child I said I wouldn't care for?

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AITA for breast feeding my nephew?

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  1. I feel your pain. When I was growing up my mom used to keep water in the refrigerator. Problem was she kept it in an old (cleaned) milk jug. There were plenty of mornings I had to throw out a bowl of cereal due to having grabbed the wrong jug because I wasn't awake enough to pay attention yet.

  2. So did they Photoshop the Maori version or did they at least have the integrity to pay her to take both pictures?

  3. So did they Photoshop the Moari version or did they at least have the integrity to pay her to take both pictures?

  4. I will lick any part of you that you want.

  5. Just looks like more of you to love to me.

  6. Honestly both are great but I prefer your smile.

  7. YWBTA You have already said that he was a good worker before his wife fell ill and he is still making an effort to do the work even if it has been affected by this extreme circumstance. If you let him go you will be showing the other people below you that you can't be bothered to care about anything or anyone that isn't helping the company make that bottom dollar. Also if the wife dies due to losing her healthcare because YOU took away the insurance then her blood will be on YOUR HANDS not the American Healthcare industry or capitalism because at the end of the day YOU are the one making the decision. But don't be surprised when you whole office walks out once they know you decided to kill a coworker's wife and the mother of his children.

  8. Man I loved that trilogy. Especially since it was an original story that added to the manga and not a retelling of one of the many stories in the manga. Not sure that would work any other series.

  9. I was rather disappointed that with the female only stipulation they didn't allow female CACs.

  10. NTA if she was using that money to try and dictate how YOUR wedding would be then that wasn't a gift it was a noose. Her family is just upset that you didn't smile while gracefully stepping off the chair.

  11. Look for a picture of the ugliest dog you can find on the internet and send it back saying "Yes and they have your eyes see". Sorry I'm a petty asshole what you are doing in just ignoring them and continuing NC is actually what is best in this situation.

  12. Go back to the not taking advice from a serial cheater argument. When they say he made a mistake you point out that once was a mistake but at this point it is a pattern of behavior. And as for your mom you don't need advice from someone that doesn't even respect themselves to the point of letting themselves be walked on and disrespected like that repeatedly. Point out that their relationship is toxic and you won't take their advice because you want a happier life than they have built for themselves. Then after you graduate if they continue just cut all ties with them.

  13. That’s a good point you have there. I’ll try to talk to them that way to knock some senses into their minds

  14. The first time your mom was being nice to consider it an "accident" but at this point she is just letting him use her as a doormat. Or if you aren't feeling nice at the time you can always ask "What does he just trip, fall, and land in an open vagina?" Please feel free to edit to your preferred level of vulgarity.

  15. I like your whole body. The tits are just icing in the cake.

  16. God's teeth I loved the book and have bought both the anime and live action versions of the movie. I describe it as an Eastern Bridge to Terabethia.

  17. Whenever you want on top you can be. Otherwise just lay down relax and enjoy.

  18. This is such a huge ESH. You left a child unattended for hours on end. Like a lot of others here are saying you should have brought him in and called the cops and CPS on your sister. But as it stands the only person in this story that is not an asshole is your nephew. And growing up in this family I don't see that lasting very long.

  19. I'd try to get you a copy of any Nirvana albums you might not have in you collection. But then I've always been awkward at flirting (gave an ex a thimble once as a Peter Pan reference i.e. a kiss)

  20. NTA As your BIL said all you were doing was feeding his child/her grandchild and keeping him alive while his mother is still unable to do so herself. You are truly a wonderful human being and an even better aunt. And I agree with your BIL that his mother shouldn't be able to see the baby until she has given a heartfelt apology and honestly thanked you for helping out in such a tough time. The mother sounds like a heartless prude for trying to twist this into something evil. Please relax continue to help your nephew and let the father deal with the insane grandmother.

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