1. That shit freaks me out I don't let my son watch that trash.

  2. My sister used to watch him, could you please explain what's bad about him because the show looks alright?

  3. Minutes-long repetition of "Blippi". Literally stamping the word over and over on every ear that's hearing it.

  4. dunno what to say, we just have to do it as part of the accelerated program ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. oh ok. I usually just switch up my study plan when I'm doing bad in a subject. Have no clue about philosophy though, might want to read up some articles made by previous philosophers?

  6. ...if you can split a number in half evenly, it's even. 30 and 50 are odd.

  7. They should stop the cel-shading frenzy. Waste of potential, the skin from the artwork is well designed, but cheap execution.

  8. I feel like most of the cell-shaded anime skins look better without it.

  9. Probably should have been more specific, but do you have any novels/plays etc... that relate to the study design of literature?

  10. We haven't even done our quadratics test yet, how far behind is our school?

  11. I usually use google scholar, try that but be specific in what you want.

  12. Don't think there is one because no one in my school ever got it.

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