1. If you have a strong, unique password for BW and have enabled 2FA then you can safely ignore that. I'm not sure why BW feels it necessary to tell people when someone "tried" to login since it really doesn't mean anything and just creates unnecessary concern.

  2. Real quick i didn't know bit warden was able to provide login attempt notifications.... I've scoured the app and web Vault for this setting

  3. I became a professional mma fighter and I cry/get angry/very happy during training in the days leading up to my fights😂 then I win or lose but always feel better

  4. I started on my fourth concurrent medication for anxiety and depression. I'm 40. This one is an enhancer but is also used for autism and schizophrenia.

  5. The symptoms you described above are so spot on for me it's scary. I don't think I could have said it better myself. If you don't mind me asking what medication(s)? Maybe DM if you can take a moment

  6. I had similar symptoms and Prozac really helped me. I didn't notice a difference initially but now I work with a guy who is as anxious as i used to be and i daily have moments that are like "Oh right, that's the way i used to feel all the time"

  7. No, you cannot clone a Yubikey. They are each absolutely unique devices. The whole point is that the secure data on them stays secure. You can add to it, but you cannot copy from it. You can give it a seed, then ask it for the product of that seed. But you cannot ask it to give you back the original seed itself.

  8. A year into living with me I told her we needed counseling if we were going to keep going. She refused. 6 years later she took my boys and never came back 🤕

  9. I don't think this post is the appropriate place for your questions as i'll be deleting it soon in favor of a wiki. Please try and keep all your questions in one comment as well for the sake of clarity.

  10. the only way i know is with an app called SHELTER from google play this will allow a "work" profile with a user data partition essentially providing what you need but for a max of 1 additional user besides yourself

  11. Is there something wrong with your space bar and '.' key?

  12. Namaste full disclosure assumed appropriate as developers are uniquely aware of what the hell I'm talking about and page entitled with (n.) descriptive of person VS (n.) as process. Green reddit subscriber🤦 forgive ignorance. Journey to enlightenment begins!

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