1. I’m fairly opposed to that idea. Zelda games are calming, if I want to play dark souls I’ll play dark souls.

  2. Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 3. Animal crossing as well, but I haven’t been enjoying that one recently. However, all three are my top played games. Any console that gets me to play more than a thousand hours always is worth it for me, especially with it only being 299.

  3. Amazing looking game, will probably pick it up sometime after the holidays since I’m already spending far too much for Christmas.

  4. Okay but the amount you get from even the tiny Grimmighoul can differ (I’ve gotten between 1-5 each time, which if you get on the higher end, can add up quick) plus they’re not too hard to find and respawn. Got like 500 from exploring before even finishing the story

  5. the outrage click farming this title is bringing is certainly interesting. We didn’t need to know that she is trans, but the bbc thought it would bring more clicks if they stated it.

  6. If you are being an ass, I will pull out my strongest character and clear faster than I had been previously. I do co op for fun, you ruin the fun, you get to sit back and watch my Amber hit higher numbers far more consistently then you :)

  7. Hoping Spiritfarer goes on sale. I missed the last one and love the vibe of the game, but 30 bucks is outside of my ability to pay atm

  8. Was under $11 for digital a few times. Probably catch it there

  9. Yeah, I’m hoping. I’ve played it a little thanks to a video games as lit college course and loved it. Hoping it drops in price again so I can continue playing. Seems like a game I can sink time into late at night when I can’t sleep

  10. I once wrote a ship about two people (one being 1k+ and one being 25) and had someone claim the character who was 1k+ was manipulative….when the 25 year old literally manipulated the other into getting what he wanted….yeah, the immortal is the manipulative one when they for the longest time claim they don’t want to be in a relationship with the other for 3/4s of the fic

  11. My favorite author note I’ve ever written was “quick, I need some straight ships because I realized all of them are queer”

  12. If anyone wants to be friends I write for Bungou Stray Dogs, The Owl House, Genshin Impact, Haikyuu, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, My Hero Academia, etc

  13. Owl House, Genshin, Haikyuu, and MHA. Any ships for these series?

  14. Owl House: Lumity mostly, kind of getting into the grove with Hunter and Willow

  15. The fandom wouldn’t have as many fans as it does, along with the multiple cults surrounding small screenshots of this man looking attractive being your pfps. There would also be a noticeable void with how Dazai is portrayed , because he was designed for Dazai. Love raft also would have won and the series would end right there

  16. The inspiration for our favorite little arsonist’s bombs (thanks Alice!)

  17. I’ve been told to stay in my lane for writing bisexuals (mainly because a specific pairing I wrote, I established that one was bi, but they ended up in a opposite sex relationshi….while clearly liking the other gender as well.…I am bi

  18. Using ideas from the internet is okay! It’s fun to add your own little spin to things

  19. Ended on a 15 win streak, with 500k clout collectively between open and pro, won 7 tricolors 3 10x battles and 1 100x battle. Got to water ruler +4 as well!

  20. As many have said already: get 13 hearts, then max out your stamina, then continue on with your hearts :)

  21. Let me level with ya, my average APUSH test scores were in the 70s, still passed the official exam and ended up with a B+ in the class

  22. while big man’s team always seems to lose, don’t you want to be one of the first people to say that you brought big man to victory and finally defeated shiver

  23. Go at your own pace. Yes, it is easier to go through it all to get the perks in the main game, but it is much more rewarding in the end if you just take your time to decorate your first 30 homes. Have fun with the DLC!

  24. WC is irrelevant as long as it does not mess with story flow

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