🇺🇦Ukrainian troops are now deploying Panzerfaust-3IT anti-tank weapons received from Germany. These systems can reputedly kill any Russian tank in service.

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  1. i thin OP means its a fun way to do so for the kids and it's limitimg the amout of condiments they are using...

  2. Then Turkey would fit perfectly in.... Biggest freak show ever

  3. Brace yourself.... here it comes again, the victim mentality of the users in this subreddit.... NoBoDy LiKeS uS, EuRopE hAteS uS, eVeRYoNe rAciSt eXcEpT uS. These guys here love to swim in their self-pity

  4. And this vomit of words are just yours ? Or common between lots of people?

  5. It's this subreddit.... Its full of male young racist wannabe elitist...I recommend to stay away from this sub, cause these wieners don't represent the majority of turkey.

  6. I know but it's good to know that they exist cuz of multiple reasons I won't go over them

  7. I can't get over it as well.... Thats why I sometimes still read the bs people are talking here.

  8. Or being taken care of would be incredibly normalised because we all remember a time when we were.

  9. I don't see anything unnormal in taking care of disabled people. If it's permanent or temporary like when you broke both arms...doesn't matter. I'd be happy if someone wipes my ass if I broke both arm.

  10. Interested in personal experiences especially.

  11. What a fucking piece of shit...nuke Warsaw or Berlin and Moscow will follow immediately.

  12. Everyone with a bit brain matter picks this option....

  13. With a rooted android device you can spoof the gps locations. Perhaps its a good tactic to lure the enemy into an ambush.

  14. Türkei, momentan 1,66 eur pro Monat für Familie.

  15. Der Balkan. Will endlich mal die Länder Ex-Jugoslawiens besser kennenlernen. Plane für dieses Jahr eine Reise per Bahn über Wien nach Sarajevo, dort ein paar Tage verbringen, mit dem Bus weiter nach Belgrad, evtl. über Skopje (Nordmazedonien), Albanien und Montenegro zurück. Und ggf. mit der Fähre rüber nach Italien.

  16. War letztes Jahr das erste mal in Montenegro....unheimlich schön. Berge, Wasser, tolle Altstadtkerne... Will gerne nochmal hin, da ich leider nur 2 Tage hatte. War in Kotor, Tivat und Budva

  17. You should see the centeral anatolia, eastern karadeniz and overall eastern Turkey. You'll be surprised.

  18. Most people here have never been further to the east than Ankara...

  19. Mein bester Gewinn war mal ein Kasten Hasseröder und ein Badmintonset... Yay

  20. Fatih has some of the best Syrian restaurants, and Lebanese restaurants are can be a more elegant experience, albeit more expensive. Check out Saruja, Buuzecede (for a delicious breakfast), Al Hallab, L'Beirut, Arada Cafe, Lubnan Tatlilari (for Lebanese kunfe and desserts).

  21. How? sure we have some similarities with balkans and maybe little bit other southern europeans,on the other hand we have zero common with you guys(western/northern) europeans,anyway good luck in your journey!

  22. Thanks. What I mean the cultures are different yes, but we all have similar understanding of life and how to interact with each other in the frame of social norms and behavior. I have friends from all over the world from different cultures and I see these differences as an enrichment not as a barrier... I mean in the end we all have breakfast in the morning, go to school, have a job, live in houses, shit in toilets, enjoy chats with friends over a beer or çay, enjoy a nice hot meal in the evening, watch TV shows and movies from all over the world, and so on...

  23. Schlimmes Subreddit, ganz deiner Meinung. Höchst rassistisch...

  24. "Deine Oma ist gestern Abend friedlich eingeschlafen."

  25. Wenn jeder an sich selbst denkt, ist an jeden gedacht.

  26. Weil in Indien (und Argentinien, soweit ich weiß) YouTube Premium weniger kostet als bei uns. YouTube selbst prüft das nicht. Digitale Produkte Kosten in 'solchen' Ländern sowieso weniger, weil die Kaufkraft geringer ist. Bspw. kosten Spiele dort auch weniger. Du kannst mit einem (gratis) VPN auf YouTube.com/Premium gehen und dort dein premium Abo abschließen. Das ganze musst du nur ein Mal beim Bezahlen machen und kannst danach YouTube ganz normal benutzen. Ich bezahle circa 2,50€ für das Family Abo im Monat.

  27. Türkisches YT Premium kostet momentan 1.10€ bzw 1.70€ falls du noch ein bisschen mehr rausholen möchtest. ;)

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