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  1. Management/HR should be looking after you better than this, if you are out at work and identify as female then use the woman’s bathroom as is your right!

  2. My HR department said I had to use the women’s restroom when I came out at work (MTF)

  3. Where was Gondor when the world came into existence and was it the same place as it is now today and it was a very interesting time to visit and see what it is now that the people in it were in it were in the world of it all and they are all very familiar and they were all in it and it is a beautiful thing

  4. My head canon is that I’m helping them by pants 👖

  5. I suppose Tigatron could’ve been Raikou or Incineroar, or maybe Arcanine even though that one’s more of a poofy brindled dog than tiger.

  6. Do they actually use the bikes in real areas? I've just started the show and so far it's just been green screens

  7. There are some scenes when they are far enough away to actually drive

  8. I tried posting it by matpat to see if he can figure the lore out but it got instantly taken down by the mods ;-;

  9. Yeah I tried to leave a film theory idea on that subreddit and the mods were just like no

  10. Alright Tiga I need ya to crap lighting and eat thunder

  11. Not much of NO FEAR,NO PAIN more of FEAR,PAIN

  12. I think it’s referring to the fact he is using Kuuga’s poses

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