1. I knew something was off on the photos, but since they didn’t say trans when describing him I thought I was just crazy

  2. That fight was exactly how me and my friends play ufc lmao. Stand and bang only, I’m in there throwing kick left and right. Awesome fight

  3. Kung foo vs karate great match if holland uses that reach advantage he should win but wonderboy is hard to beat as a striker. Wonderboy might finish holland with a kick

  4. Here we go, Big Mouth vs the Karate Hottie 👊

  5. He fought a bigger guy and all of a sudden he loses all the accolades do you still rank Izzy that high after he lost

  6. I’m not saying he sucks, just top 10 in the world is ridiculous.

  7. Pound for pound rediculous sure but for middleweights then ya he’s top ten easy. I think a ton of people are gonna overlook his opponent when he moved 20 pounds up to fight him and weighed way under the weightclass

  8. https://twitter.com/nicoscmp/status/1598909574991720448?s=46&t=GSBQfmRv8NPeZIZnFz1vpw

  9. You mean like bisping who ducked the contenders to a fight a WAT past his prime hendo, who still left him looking like a mess lol, and a retired welterweight.... who he got choked out by.

  10. He was offered hendo the same night he won the belt for good money then offered great money for the gsp fight

  11. Easily one of the worst. I would classify bisping as one of those "lucky champs" or "have no business being a champ"

  12. Brendan Schaub is a pathological liar and he's the laughing stock of the MMA/podcast world. Rory is a Saint compared to Schaub.

  13. Brendan always chooses a fighter he has trained with or met with before they made it to the ufc once you learn that you learn he only picks people he’s friends with.

  14. Man I just don’t know anymore Jones hasn’t been in there in forever but if Jones is at even 80% I think he wins. Just mad Jones decided he was a kicker when he’s always really been a wrestler with weird striking that fucked people up

  15. Who had Leon Edwards, Alex Periera and Larissa Pacecho on their 2022 champs parlay?

  16. Throw Sterling in there too. If you told someone he would defend the belt against Yan and then Dillashaw they would’ve called you a liar.

  17. I seen that one coming yan looked too good first fight for sterling to not come back better and yan to underestimate him. Sad we didn’t see healthy tj vs sterling

  18. Bud I told my friends to put money on all of them then didn’t bet anything all year cause I lose so much last year. None of my friends listened

  19. Sorry for saying this..but I did open the pack without thinking about it and spent 4000 souls on 20 packs. In return I got 2 kabal. Not too good but not that bad either. So I am doing okay i guess

  20. I remember the first time I was able to get 8 in a row after I lost 40 pounds it was incredible I wasn’t weak but my arms compared to the rest of my body was much weaker. That feeling doesn’t go away every time you hit a new personal best it only gets better every time good lunch buddy

  21. Chisora has had decent paydays, he’s always headlining cards and he’s constantly on boxing headlines. There’s no challenge for Fury, he doesn’t improve in anyway way. This is like Haney fighting Kambosso again.

  22. Yes but fury gets to give his friend a pay day at the end of his career and probably won’t hurt him to bad while also looking like the best heavyweight in the world

  23. Without a doubt. His behavior later in life is consistent with ex NFL players with severe CTE. Impulsive and erratic. Anyone who knows his story knows how things turned out for him. It's tragic. I'm not saying this caused it, but it definitely didn't help his situation.

  24. I just can’t get over the fact that he hid his hiv and only fought places with no testing for many years. Terrible person

  25. Company got bought out, company restructured and set new policies. Some employees dont like the new rules...sounds like every take over ever, welcome to the real world.

  26. Doesn’t mean that Elon doesn’t look just as dumb as his employees in all of this if anything it’s just shown that Elon is only successful because he started out with money.

  27. Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

  28. Funny thing is that since the Khamzat fight, Meerschaert looks like he levelled up, finishing a bunch of killers like Bruno Silva and Muradov while being a sizeable dog.

  29. Jack Johnson showed up in a city knocked out a most likely racist white dude and banged 5 white women just to do it again in a month all while getting death threats and laws to try and stop him. Dude is truly an American hero

  30. I’m honestly not sure fedor knew he was gonna fight I feel like they told him he was going out there to model his underwear then found out it was a fight dude just had no emotion

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