1. Reddit chose this name for me lol but I'm assuming your area code is 914 , I'm repping 760 but stay up g 🤙

  2. Haha ah man I was bouta be hyped if I saw u in the wild

  3. Dawg ditch that backpack immediately… it’s essentially screaming “I DID THIS!!!!” Anytime u wear it. A cop could recognize it at any second

  4. Move to newschoolers n actually learn new things about skiing lol

  5. For sure! I have been looking through their articles and videos. It is nice to see if people have first hand experience too.

  6. Just keep an eye on the Karma level of whatever user is giving you advice. If it’s really low, (>1000) that means they’re a new-comer and most likely don’t know what they’re taking about lol

  7. In no world is this a “setup.” Unless of course you mean that we’ve been “set up” for disappointment by having to look at this picture. Really couldn’t have kept this one to yourself?

  8. Actually it is a set up Bcs it works.

  9. This looks like something a dog would produce if left alone with your pedals

  10. Thanks! .. Just don’t forget what happens when you stomp on the tail/nose of a skateboard lol

  11. You’re the reason why people can’t take naps. Who cares what happens to leaves #antileafblowergang

  12. You know it would totally suck tho… kinda like the deluxo lol

  13. Rich boomers are ruining skiing. More covid please

  14. Ngl this is an L. This sub sucks at skiing

  15. Park skis can do just as well as all mountain skis, but all mountain skis can’t do park like park skis. I also believe All mountain skis are for skiers that don’t know what they want.

  16. Just buff them out. I wouldn’t start nothin with any bigot.

  17. Also try to put them on a backwards slant, for some reason once I started slanting/leaning my letters backwards I started to understand how to look good

  18. Ngl scams aside. my biggest pet peeve about this brand they drop shit, dedicated fans order, then the next day he adds shit to the site… like what if I wanted that too? Now I gotta pay double shipping ?? It’s so stupid. They do it every drop

  19. This is exactly how I thought this would go Lmao

  20. “Cheap” and “VIP” is an oxymoron… getcha bread up nephew

  21. JHS Haunting Mids. Go check it out, I never turn mine off.

  22. DO NOT trust this bro. Have you read the sub? Hundreds of people never received items and we’re ghosted by Tyler.

  23. Man that sucks to hear, I must’ve ordered from SR 100 times n never got scammed. Sure it took a while but that’s streetware lol

  24. Nah it wasnt just “it took a long time.” Nobody got anything from the Friday the 13th drop, he left social media since and hasnt been back until this week… and still no shipping or refunds. People reported him to the better business bureau for a reason.

  25. Yeah I get it, once a scammer… it’s a shame. They’re weirdly the only streetware brand I really liked. Hope y’all get compensated soon

  26. Best of luck man! Hope it comes, the tye dye is cool

  27. Idk I just know it’s made by BlackHawk amplifiers

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