1. Mine has a weird meow! She sounds like a kitten 🐱 even though she’s 3 lol

  2. My other tortie does baby sounds too only on occasion. If I have treats in my hand and she is waiting for them, she makes baby sounds!

  3. I’m only on two a day - one AM one PM but I know for the first bit it made me feel really nauseous! Took about a month or so to subside fully

  4. I remember this! I saw it on first watch and was like … whaaat is happening (like just.. the whole scene lol)

  5. I’m 5’7” and dated a guy who was 5’3”-5’4” ish. We exist lol.

  6. By now I've assumed that everyone on this show is only doing it because they want the media attention, want to be on TV, etc.

  7. Rewatch!! I’ve probably seen the entire show 10-12 times now. No shame. Lol

  8. Youre not alone in this. I started last month, got really good into it around the 15th, tracking and weighing everything, and then the past week a series of unfortunate things just kept beating my mental health down. I spent a week just not caring and eating fast food.

  9. Thank you - you got this too! You’re right as long as we keep trying it’s okay cause sometimes life happens

  10. Depending on the kind of phone you have I believe there are apps where you can just hover your camera over the text and it reappears in English — I’ve seen a few people around here use it before

  11. Yeah thank you! I have been doing that but for this it was .. not at all making sense haha

  12. Most of the best compositions are worth no points.

  13. They want you to be comfortable with $2+ prices. Having $1.78 being a "omg it's so cheap" moment is exactly what they're hoping for. Then suddenly a year from now you'll feel the same about $2.50. Then in 2024 or maybe early 2025, $3.00 is going to be the norm. And there will be a post about $2.78 being "so beautiful".

  14. Yep and when that happens I’ll still celebrate the little things in my life that help make things just a little better. Even if it goes up to $3 tomorrow I’d be still happy for what I paid yesterday.

  15. The fact that I saw this when was about to jerk off makes me really uncomfortable

  16. I’d like my next booster now. My last one is going on 7 months ago. I’m over due lol.

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