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  1. I absolutely get the Frollo connection, but I think more than that he reminds me of L from Death Note.

  2. I remember summoning for Kama solely because I need an assassin that wasn't hundred faces. I knew grey would come eventually, but when Kama was around I rolled for her.

  3. I originally rolled for kama just to test my luck; wasn't that interested in getting her because I already had Gramps and just assumed I could rely on him for CQs. He does have his uses, but overall Kama has been much more reliable for me.

  4. The dead last of FGO's Original Servants by the year of implementation.

  5. How can Kintoki rider be ranked so low? All these years and he still comes through for me in challenge quests.

  6. It's very likely that most of Kintoki rider art is simply tagged as normal Kintoki, rather than Kintoki rider. Different versions of already existing servants tend to have a much lower number than what they actually should have because people just tag them with the original version's name rather than the new one

  7. those are great picks. also please drop the 3 comedic mysteries with steam

  8. Can I still say Henry Cavill is my type if I only specifically liked him in the Witcher?

  9. Saaaaame! He’s handsome otherwise, but he didn’t stand out from other male celebrities for me until I saw The Witcher, then he shot to the top of my list. Something about that hair and the gritty/kind of dirty, powerful man of few words thing he’s got going on as Geralt. Now he’s up there with Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman (also in this thread, yesss 🙌), but only if he has the Witcher hair.

  10. Definitely! I suppose that means I'm more attracted to Geralt than Henry Cavill (since I do play the video game too), but it says good things that he portrayed the character to my liking.

  11. In The Younger Male Lead Fell For Me Before The Destruction, the FL's parents are like this.

  12. 24 on NA, but theoretically 25 because I'm definitely getting quetz on the next 5* ticket. Accidentally used lancer Li as exp fodder and I was so ashamed of myself I intentionally rolled on the guda banner just to get him again.

  13. That sounds like the person my mum would make up to compare me to and tell me how they're doing so much better than me so I need to work harder.

  14. If you don't mind harem romance, one of the MMCs in Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington's Curse of the Gods series is like that.

  15. That's true, but in the context of this post how would you distinguish between the money from his family and the money he made himself (albeit with their help)? "Self-made" here helps clarify the difference even if it is not strictly true.

  16. I cannot count with both hands the number of times I'm opened the earlier chapters for photo 9 alone; it's just so beautiful and his words are so sweet.

  17. Yes! I thought it was a wifi issue at first, but looks like it's affecting everyone.

  18. "Thank you for sharing your wife" is one of the most cringy things I have ever read in my life on so many different levels. On top of everything, as a woman, it really reads like they are thanking the husband for sharing his property. I know they don't mean it like that but if I am a professional I don't need anyone sending a thank you card to my husband. You can thank me directly, thank you very much.

  19. I mean, they're not wrong, but they're hardly the right party to point it out.

  20. You're paying for 4 hours. If you plan to stay until park closing, you should be able to get on at least 2-3 major rides. Just avoid the days when kids are out of school. Good luck.

  21. Thanks! The kids might be tricky since it's the summer holidays, but there was no other date I could make it. We did pick a weeknight and a day that's not a national holiday, so fingers crossed it's not so bad.

  22. I was able to get on quite a few rides when I got one. I had mainly gotten it to do some shopping I regretted not doing on my full day prior but I was able to see a show, walk around and take pics and get on several rides.

  23. Do you mind telling me which show it was? Considering seeing Big Band Beat but wondering if it is worth it or the time would be better spent on rides, especially since it needs an entry request.

  24. Damn, this would have been the perfect place for the appearance of the yaoi hands he had in that one panel he was escorting his daughter to the party.

  25. Someone was supposed to cook lunch for a group tomorrow, but fell sick with covid so on Tuesday I was asked to replace her. I gave many excuses, including that I didn't want to plan the menu (they told me I could reuse the menu I made for a similar function 2 months ago--even sent me a photo of my own meal). I then said I didn't want to cook myself, and they said they would help. I finally said the ingredients I used were speciality goods and I have no time to shop for them, and they said they would get it. Either this person can't read the air, or they're so desperate they're willing to ignore all the signs I'm not interested.

  26. you're the one messing up here, if you don't want to do it, you have to say so.

  27. Yeah, I can accept I ended up cooking since I'm a bit of a pushover, though as mentioned before I do have to remain on good terms with these people. The breaking point was when they told me getting the goods would be difficult when it was a situation they brought on themselves. I just told them to get it because it's not my problem if it was out of the budget.

  28. This is a personal opinion, but going all the way to arashiyama just to see the bamboo Grove seems a little of a waste. I highly recommend exploring the nearby temples, as well as cruising down the Hozugawa River if you have the budget for it.

  29. I have a feeling that for the posts with this (low) level of detail - bamboo grove stands for Tenryu-ji, Iwatayama and Togetsukyo Bridge.

  30. There's a little of this at the end of Your Dad Will Do by Katee Roberts.

  31. Maybe I'm missing something or there's just an issue with flights, but wouldn't it be better to fly into Osaka and then fly out from Tokyo instead of going through Tokyo twice? You can even take a limousine bus from Osaka airport straight to Kyoto.

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