1. Gee I don’t know, maybe because he was to act that way. But I really have no clue, I mean it’s not like the Director was doing his job and telling the actors how to act in each scene.

  2. Mark Hamill also couldn’t stand the prequels

  3. What do you mean? When has he ever said that he couldn’t stand the Prequels?

  4. I don’t really see why either. I love the Stu character too but Jesus Christ let dead people be dead. People say that if they could bring Billy back then they can bring back Stu, but Billy’s not even a ghost in the new movies he’s an hallucination.

  5. Both of them were at the house. People say it’s Stu judging from her recognition but they forget that she would know Billy too, him being her ex’s best friend. Stu was the one that killed Steve and broke into the house, he’s also the one that gets knocked out by the phone, then Billy chases Casey down and finishes her off. Then him and Stu meet again where they hang and hit her from the tree.

  6. “Surprise, bitch… I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” - Jill

  7. Either Mickey or Ethan or Jason. Mickey was serial killer before the events of Scream 2. Ethan seems like he doesn’t have the same motive as his sister and father, when they were just acting like they wanted revenge, he was just loving the whole killing aspect, he was relishing in it. Also Jason because of the way he was describing how he killed Laura, also he killed her for the pettiest reason, her giving him a C on a paper.

  8. She’s not my favorite but I do like her. I don’t believe that her plan would work all the way since she slipped up when she was talking to Dewey, and Sidney said that exact thing to her.

  9. If they made it seem like Stu was back and was the main Ghostface in Scream 7 only for them to reveal it was a cult of Stu fanatics who used the voice changer from Scream 3 to make it look like he was alive again

  10. That would actually be pretty good, they can be pissed that Billy gets all the recognition despite Stu and Billy doing the killings together so they want to do this in order to give Stu his props.

  11. He could’ve been great. He would have made a great Jedi. A rogue stormtrooper coming back as a Jedi to help turn other stormtroopers against the first order would’ve been a great story.

  12. Mickey was in the car crash scene with Sidney and Hallie. He’d have to be supernatural to be able to attack Dewey and Gale at the same time. It’d make no sense, plus with the evidence of hearing Mrs. Loomis’ grunts says otherwise.

  13. Huh? Gales attack was before the car crash. In fact, Sidney is still at the college area after Gale last sees GF. Mickey had plenty of time to follow them

  14. No because Mrs Loomis was on the phone right outside the building where Gale ran out of, Mickey was the one at the car crash since he has the bruise on his head. Since the two killers were that close to the two that makes Mrs Loomis the one that chased Gale and stabbed Dewey and Mickey the one at the car crash.

  15. Ron totally turned on him in GoF though, just because his name comes out for the tournament and he’s jealous. Hermione believes him that he didn’t put it in but Ron doesn’t, and only changes his mind when he sees how dangerous the trials are

  16. Ron’s jealously is justified. He comes from a family where if he accomplishes something it barely matters because his brothers did it first. Ron was feeling overshadowed by Harry but he didn’t say a word about it until his name came out of the Goblet of Fire. Ron’s still a great and loyal friend, he has his reasons for the things he does.

  17. I still say Ron. Despite him knowing Harry for only a few weeks he was up for helping Harry as his second in dueling Draco.

  18. This scene was filmed with the intention of making Angelina the second killer. So while one was outside attacking Sidney one was inside waiting for Sidney to run into the house.

  19. The sizes would make it too obvious. Unless the actor is the same height as the stuntman then it’s less obvious but some people would see this and use it as a nitpick of the film, even though the height of Ghostface doesn’t matter, it’s the person behind the mask that matters.

  20. Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich also wore the costume in the scene with Ghostface standing over Randy. No one knows which one of them were in the costume in the official scene in the film though.

  21. The directors said that they’re leaning on Ethan being the Ghostface at the apartment. Plus Jack Champion was actually in the costume in some shots.

  22. Well it was spoiled for me that Jill was one of them in 4 and Richie in 5 so I wasn’t really surprised. Probably Charlie, though he isn’t my favorite his reveal probably surprised me the most.

  23. Aisha! She was there in the beginning so she had to be there in the end!

  24. No. Killing off a franchise’s first lead and one of if not most iconic character is never a good way to go. Ask the Star Wars fandom, they’re still pissed on what happened to Luke.

  25. Zack Cherry pretty much summed up Stu perfectly. The main reason people like him is because of Matthew Lillard’s performance which made the Stu character fun, but on the script he was not as entertaining.

  26. People survive worse, sometimes people survive bullets to the head, even though it’s rare. I see what you mean though.

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