What’s the best cartoon show of all time ?

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  1. I was alive, and I was under the impression the ESB was universally loved. People were genuinely shocked at Vader's revelation.

  2. My mom and uncle didn’t like ESB when it first came out, they were disappointed that the bad guys won and didn’t believe that Vader was actually Luke’s father.

  3. I’m 23… I thought most of this sub was Gen Z? I feel like we make up most of the modern Beatles fandom.

  4. Actually the Mongols steamrolled the Russian kingdoms as well and made it to Poland’s doorstep so I wouldn’t say Europeans were completely spared.

  5. Had to scroll down way too far to see this, all the TV shows people are listing couldn’t hold a candle to the classic Looney Tunes shorts

  6. No crap! China is a communist country and gets off in controlling their citizens.

  7. So they’re communist because they say so? Well by that logic I guess the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a democracy then

  8. Literally everyone at the time thought it was them

  9. I like Marcus as much as the next guy but he was complicit while Rome was genociding the Christians. Which, I'm no Christian, but he wasn't perfect.

  10. I wouldn’t call the persecution of Christians a full-on genocide. Rome just saw them as one of many weird cults that wouldn’t pay their taxes, and Rome was really strict when it came to disobeying even the most minor laws.

  11. Fun fact: This happened closer to the series premiere of the Simpsons, than the premiere of the Simpsons happened to now

  12. Context: Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I had 16 children, including four daughters who died before adolescence, pictured here. From bottom to top: Maria Johanna, who died of Smallpox at the age of 12; Maria Elisabeth, who died from severe stomach cramps at the age of 3; Maria Carolina I, who died from a bout of violent seizures shortly after turning 1; and Maria Carolina II, a stillborn.

  13. Avoids world War 2 because too young but gets drafted to Korea. That war was hell.

  14. My grandfather enlisted in the Navy during the Korean War and was stationed in the Mediterranean. He really lucked out.

  15. Royal genealogy is actually a very fascinating Wikipedia rabbit hole to go down.

  16. It's shocking to me how many uneducated Imperial Japanese apologists on here like the OP

  17. What are you even going on about. Were the Japanese army and government brutal in WW2? Absolutely. Does this mean Japanese civilians deserved to perish? Hell no, two wrongs don’t make a right. The US didn’t drop the bombs because the Japanese were killing civilians. And don’t forget that a lot of Japanese war criminals were pardoned by the US after the war and never faced justice.

  18. "That's just the Old Testament" is a really lame and bad way to excuse the awful shit in the Bible.

  19. The Old Testament was compiled by the church centuries after Jesus died, there’s a lot of Hebrew texts they left out

  20. Truman was probably the most plebeian of the modern presidents. Imagine being a small town lawyer with only a law certificate from a small college, then becoming the judge of some rural backroad district, then running for senate and holding the seat for a while… then you’re Vice President, then suddenly President and you gotta lead your nation through the end of a global war and find out about a powerful weapon that you thought couldn’t exist, determining the fate of a world you probably think is only 6,000 years old. The presidency truly must have turned his world upside down and shattered his perception of reality.

  21. There's a metric fuck-ton of politicians that start of with careers in law, it's really not that unusual

  22. Yeah, but he only studied law at a small college and not an Ivy League school like most modern presidents

  23. Convince Eric Clapton to invite John to his wedding in ‘79. Paul, George, and Ringo all showed up IRL but John wasn’t invited because Clapton thought he would reject it

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