1. I had a few drs who would not diagnose me because they could not 100% say it was the correct diagnosis. It wasn't until they forensically (their words not mine) checked the EEG and found there was something other than other ppls version of events to back up the dianosis. They told me they did not want to jump to any conclusions because once you have the diagnosis it is near impossilble to get off your records if they are not 100%.

  2. Never had any issues with the AZ09 or other adaptors in that series. Sometimes I'll notice them but they I adjust my glasses them I'm ok again.

  3. No issues with the AZ09, the AZ10 I had quality issues with and the pro series were ok as well. I've still got my original AZ09s and they've been going strong for a while now. If you use them with KZ products they don't sound the same, I used these with a few other IEMs and the sound changed a lot

  4. The real estate already brought their own cleaners. They gave me one day to contact the cleaners but I told them that I feel the place was sufficiently clean.

  5. They got in cleaners without consulting you or allowing you to fix any potential issues? NCAT won't like this because they took the oppurtunity away from you.

  6. No, they gave me one day to contact the cleaners but I told them that I feel the place was sufficiently clean although, I did offer to come clean the dryer.

  7. Like the other team said dispute it. They need to give sufficient time, I would contact the tenants union yourself to get representation sorted, I've spoken to them before and they've been super helpful

  8. I have done it on a few occassions depending on where I was living. the most I did was 35k's one way which was a 70k round trip. It was ok and you get use to being on the bike for that long after a while.

  9. Never had any major issues, have been doing it now on and off for 6ish years. What issues are you concerned about?

  10. Parking was one thing I wasn't sure about.

  11. Depends on where your office is, there is plenty of large street parking spots and there are a few car parks which you can cheekily park in.

  12. Your set up is fairly close to what I've got. I ended focusing on boxing, hiit and started doing Olympic lifting again. I use to do this type of training when I was playing representative rugby years ago and you would be amazed how effective short hard workouts can be when you're in this situation.

  13. It is common, both of mine were born at 36 weeks and there are things they missed regarding milestones. They ended up hitting them at their corrected age but there is a delay depending on the baby.

  14. The 6 months part is compulsory. I had a mate who did his instructors licensee years ago and they were told in no uncertain terms the times are there for safety. The course was pretty cheap in the long run

  15. My son takes 15 mins then transfer, my daughter on the other use to take up to an hour. It was brutal

  16. Your can run them from your phone but it's better with an amp. You can use a Bluetooth amp like the FIIO BTR3 or anything like this and it'll do the job nicely.

  17. Do u know how many ohms the standard phones headphone jack is? I'm going to get an amp as well now but it would be nice to know for future purchases.

  18. Depends on your phone, my old Samsung note 9 had better output than my current surface duo 2.

  19. This has been my main source of "maintenance" along with targetted exercise for years now. I know they get a bad rap (the profession does not help itself sometimes though...) but they are like any health or allied health practitioners; there are going to be good and bad ones. I have been seeing my current guy for about 10 years and he has been great and also gives me exercises/stretches as homework outside of the session, he is one of the good ones.

  20. I've got clear protectors on the outside with glass protector on the inside. Bumpers on the as well as either a soft sleeve or modified surface duo 1 folio Case.

  21. Double Roasters is an old favourite of mine, you can but it sometimes at Harris farm. You can order it online as well.

  22. Sounds like my little girl, slept through early on, played happily by herself (still does), fed well and etc. Mines fine, she has been a bit slow socially but she's also been born into a COVID world which had kept her isolated. She's coming out of her shell more and more each day.

  23. Why don't you buy men's ones? They'll generally need longer and the sizes will be bigger

  24. Mmm I'm not a small guy and certain brands I can get to fit around my thighs with ease. Might be an option anyway 😀

  25. I've had no issues, I got a waterproof bum bag though because I ride motorcycles as well so there is a strong chance I'll get rained on lol

  26. Yes I've been able to exercise, but I'm a man... Not sure if helps because you're recovering post baby

  27. I started working out when I got cleared from the doctor which was several months ago.

  28. It took quite a while before I could do heaps. It probably took 6 or so months of swimming, core stability work and walking before I went into more fun stuff. Even then it probably took a year before I was doing more intensive workouts. My partner took probably 4 months post baby before she could lift comfortably

  29. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to reach this point?

  30. Probably 3 to 5 years, it's been up and down since then but I remember knowing more about my triggers and limitations by this time as well. Mine you I've had my back issues for over 15 years at this point.

  31. Glad you ended up getting there! I have a feeling I’m at the start of a 15 year bout lol

  32. The start is always the hardest, but if you're sleeping through its a great step in the right direction. Have you started physical therapy or anything?

  33. Taxis call do it but you'll need to book it in advance. Otherwise they won't have them on board in the taxi. Uber sometimes has them like taxis but it's pretty unreliable, I've tried many times in the past. There is a company called shebah (think that's how it's spelt) who only pick up woman but if you're a man with a kid they'll take you with a car seat.

  34. You can do this with an IEM. I use the etymotic ER4XR and the Letshuoer S12s. Both are fast enough to keep up with the guitar and drum kit for this genre. If you can handle the deepness of the etymotic they would be best but the S12s are great as well and have a much shallower fit. I think both will fit under your budget.

  35. All of the above. Sleep duration, feeding habits, tummy time, etc.

  36. This is normal everyone here had been through this. This first few weeks are horrific and amazing all at once. I agree on the noise, it hits hard. All I can say is it you get use to share and actually scream, cry or when they're just "chatting". My daughter was the worst for scream crying but my little man is just noisy all the time.

  37. If they settle with the TV ( which I'm sure the army will be here soon to say how bad it is lol, personally I like to pick my battles and I turned out ok with a bit of tv) you could try sensory dots. Search for it on YouTube and put it on, we used it with both of little ones when they were being a bit of a struggle.

  38. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll give it a go! Dancing fruit is a favourite at the minute!

  39. They're similar, for some reason the dots moving around mesmerises them

  40. Both. On my current set, I plug the 3.5mm into the helmet headset.

  41. Fair enough, I've yet to find anything like that but I generally just use an IEM with a Bluetooth earhook adaptor which fits under my helmet.

  42. I currently use the Letshuoer S12s with the FIIO UTWS3 which is great, but I've also used KZ IEMs with their priority earhook adaptor as well. The only thing I'll say is that the IEM needs to be small enough that it doesn't get stuck in your helmet lol I've gotten stuck a few times with different IEMs.

  43. No issues with KZ IEMs, had issues with their Bluetooth adaptors though

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