Summer Major 2022 Fantasy Guide: 14 Aug

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  1. It will be up in 12 hours, after premiere there will up published on youtube automatically with timestamps for anyone who wants to skip first part of the video.

  2. You linked us all to it when we can't watch it tho

  3. That’s why I wrote will be premiered “tomorrow” (9 hours from now) but yeah i probably should have posted day after as most do not care about premiere

  4. Yeah I think in general people dislike premiering

  5. Why can't you practice heroes in unranked?

  6. Honestly I wouldn't think it would make any real difference, the only thing I can think of is maybe surface area but even then going to be miniscule.

  7. Halfords probably got a good selection

  8. Dendi would have done it for sure same with Puppey and most of the old guys like Kuroky, notail - even Sumail does analysis, but Arteezy of course does not. Did he take the first plane out?

  9. At least for me that's the point of fantasy? Adding pressure to the games. Rooting for Aster or Spirit to win even more so that you get more fantasy points?

  10. but if you dont like it dont do it?

  11. People don't really play warlock around rock as much anymore. Yes, it's very strong and can turn fights but the rest of warlock's abilities are pretty nutty too.

  12. So why isnt it getting picked anymore?

  13. Ive had those two corys for just over two years and want to give them a better life free of algae :( 20L tank

  14. How much algae have you got, the fish won't care at unless it's extreme

  15. I'm sure he didn't know what he was gonna say when he started that "saying"

  16. He probably did it's a common phrase in the UK

  17. True, he has the luxury to not worry about generating an income so it gives him the freedom to pursue what he wants when he wants it.

  18. Did you just reiterate that guys comment

  19. So your going 20/5 and not winning or are you winning?

  20. I do win most of them, but sometimes there is Dazzle mid who goes 0-14

  21. So if you win most of them your mmr background and actual will go up?

  22. Looks like it’s just on the old growth. Most likely a nutrient deficiency causing the holes and the snails are eating the dying leaves. When I used to keep RRF I found not having a lid and no surface agitation was also important, keeping the top of the leaves completely dry. I switched to frogbit for floaters as it’s a little more resilient.

  23. Yeah my last batch completely died as I had to much agitation making the top of the leaves for, this batch I have much less but now getting holes in most of them. Thinking maybe I need to dose some kind of fert

  24. If you can have a bit of patience keep looking at second hand like Facebook and gumtree with a search for chair or office chair. If you look at some top chair designs on youtube - BTODtv have some good group tests which will give you a snapshot - you can become more adept at spotting quality chairs that are going cheap. is a good reference point for pricing as they are on the higher side for second-hand but can help you see if you're getting a good deal. I saw a chair going for £30 last week that usually second hand is £200-£300. If you want to test drive a few find a local second hand office furniture company. You might find they'll do a cash discount as well. Going this route will save you having to spend another £100 in a few years time when the cheaper foam in a new chair wears out.

  25. Thanks mate, probably not going to be able to get a second hand one so ill have to give a cheap one a go

  26. No, fair enough. Unfortunately all the places that you used to be able to go to get a cheap one has closed (eg Staples) so its difficult to test run before hand.

  27. Yeah just going to get this MARKUS look a like and get a additional foam pad when this one inevitably gives out

  28. Can anyone recommend a chair for strictly £120 or under in the UK, I realise I'm not going to get something super good but my budget is extremely strict, <£120. This is what i think im going to go with so far, thanks

  29. Show a picture of its stomach


  31. My non carnivore plecos generally eat 24x7. Zucchini or spinach. My plecos tend to hate wafers and will starve rather than eat them.

  32. Yeah 2 ~6 month old bristlenose with a huge amount of algae

  33. i understand what u mean but wage rises across the board would increase inflation further but i 100% agree that the government must do something to help instead of lining their own pockets with our tax money

  34. Isn't this by the yacht club between portishead and clevedon?

  35. Why does anyone care what you "expect"

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