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  1. I have 2 options, either I’m going to be in the Japanese mountains drifting, or I’m just very happy from old age))

  2. I've been waiting for this question for a very long time. BUT I will answer, I hope she is not sitting on reddit.

  3. Oh, I have such a story.Since I live in Russia, harsh children study in schools here, some don't even look like children. So, when when I was 14-15 years old, there was one winter day when I went to school. It all started cool, I slept in the first lesson, had a laugh with a friend in the second lesson, but then the fucking physical education came. I get knocked up as an inadequate a fool enters the hall, and I see that a rope is attached to the ceiling, for climbing and passing standards. Since there was a break so far, almost the whole school was in the hall. I saw how my stupid friend decided to climb the rope, of course I came up and started pulling the rope, the friend was already almost at the top, and there were not even mats from below, this dude slipped off the rope and hit his head on the floor, got a head concussion of the 3rd degree. Then everyone called me (that guy with the rope)

  4. Dogs and cats can carry the toxocarosis infection, which can blind a person.

  5. naturally 2pac,a man who made music understandable to the people, music that could touch straight to the heart. His work is still very popular, 2pac wanted to live forever, he achieved this h

  6. Murder, drug cartels, very terrible torture, murder, robbery, murder

  7. hahaha, this happens sometimes, I went 1 time and hummed a song from a powder advertisement for 3 days, no less. Although in fact, if it works with the majority, then marketers have tried very well,and the composers of these songs are also great. We are drowning in advertising ...

  8. fuck, what would I think about the night before work. Well, I suppose nothing will happen, there is a chance that you will die, but due to the fact that you will lose a lot of blood, and so I understood the wire from the iPhone into the tea, and nothing happened, the tea was not under electricity, and when I licked the end of the charging, not much was electrocuted, so it's unlikely will you get some kind of energy, because you don't have a battery, there will just be a folk subject in vein

  9. Most likely, so that there are no calluses due to shoes, but there is another option. In order for something to warm the foot

  10. It would be funny if there was 1 man who is infertile

  11. I think the pollution of nature, as it would not sound corny, it is. Production is progressing more and more, so it seems to me in 1000-3000 years, there will be factories for the production of something everywhere, thereby killing nature and polluting the atmosphere.

  12. Raven, Nightwing, Dr Doom, Scarlett Witch, The Hulk, Thor, Supergirl, SheHulk, Spiderman, Mystique, Adam Warlock, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, The Wasp, Ultron, Darkseid, Thanos, Squirrel Girl

  13. fuck, it went somewhere wrong, I understand everything, darkseid and Thanos, but fuck it, Wonder Woman, this is too much...

  14. I turned into a transformer and trashed the entire office...

  15. Either his father has a xiaomi or I have a bad internet

  16. I doubt that there is a xiaomi better iPhone 13 pro Max

  17. I drink crown royal whiskey in my coffee every morning. During summer months I also have 2 beers in the afternoon. I like lager beers.


  19. Fuck, I do not know whether to laugh or not to laugh? I hope you have all the sponges from the bathroom and kitchen in order....

  20. Is there something Wilson shouldn't be told!? 🤔🤔

  21. iPhone, in fact, it costs only because of the promotion of the company, and so there are many androids that are cheaper and better in many ways than iPhone

  22. i don’t use mac but pc tech here. i’d rather not have my phones UI crash when i unlock it or make a phone call so i stick with the stability. if i’m going to do PC stuff on my phone, i’d rather just do it on my infinitely stronger PC.

  23. I agree, as for me, make a MacBook for an IT specialist who will sit in it at Starbucks drinking coffee, well, or a purely working laptop, there is not even a need to compare it with a good stationary computer

  24. Living in my truck at 22 was definitely the lowest point in my life. It sucked if it wasn't for my sister helping me get back on my feet I probably would've killed myself.

  25. I hope you are doing well, I wish you all the best

  26. You're just fucking great, since you're listening to this masterpiece, respect to you

  27. since I rarely have dreams, I mostly remember them, so I tell so to speak what I dreamed. In my dream, I suddenly found myself in Monaco, because before going to bed I watched how people travel there, how the Formula 1 Grand Prix is held, and everything related to it. So, I suddenly find myself in Monaco, among small but very expensive houses, together with my mother, which is the strangest thing. She was holding my hand and we seemed to be running away from someone, but at the same moment we did not have a feeling of anxiety when we had to run down a very narrow and sharp staircase, a motorcycle cyclist was flying at us on a pit bike, perhaps some competitions were taking place. We turned sharply into the bushes, where there was an old Ferrari 250 gto, which we successfully landed on, in the end I smashed her windshield, and h woke up)

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