My 10 YO Scottish Highlander before he was processed last year

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  1. I’m so fucking tired of politics and Supreme Court bullshit I just wanna be left alone to live my life

  2. Someone I know posted some bullshit on their Instagram story saying “if only women had the same rights guns do” and I almost messaged them and said “ok so women aren’t allowed in schools, courthouses, government buildings, and houses where a convicted felon lives. Women have to have a special permit to be out in public, women must be registered with the federal government, women cannot have certain body modifications, women have different rights that are determines by state laws”

  3. I'm pretty sure it depends on the options selected for the shocks. Some firehawks definitely came with bilsteins(blue/yellow), I'm pretty positive I've seen some with the decarbons(orange/black).

  4. When I changed the shocks a few months ago they were the cheap orange/black ones but according to the little SLP tags and stuff the car was ordered with bilsteins so I have no clue what was done to it since 1995

  5. Previous owner probably replaced them with whatever he could get then, probably didn't know the difference and just went to some shop that ordered the standard shocks. If you like handling look at swaybars next, super easy to install and make a big difference. Get 35mm front (stock should be 32mm) and 22mm rear (stock should be 19mm). There are bigger rear swaybars available but those are for drag racing. Most 1LE option cars got 35mm front, 21mm rear.

  6. I’ve already got those, need to fix power steering tho since it’s gone bad

  7. That’s weird, the most concentrated area is also where the Black population is heavily concentrated along the Mississippi down there in Arkansas/Louisiana

  8. Old rifle? Don’t disrespect the best rifle ever made like that

  9. One of my old coworkers bought one of these after he retired. He really hates Hillary Clinton and that’s one of the most significant aspects of his personality.

  10. Is it though? She’s really not the person most people would look up to

  11. Mine is still stuck at 99% to this day. On multiple save files.. stupid zeffo. Hate that planet.

  12. I just have a simple kenwood stereo, it actually looks pretty good and does the stereo job just fine without having to worry about a touchscreen

  13. Yep, I’ve also got a 12” subwoofer in the back so it works great.

  14. The V8 swaps of this thing are cool tbh. I seem to remember a Hellcat power train in one of these too a few sets back. God knows how awful it would be to actually drive though.

  15. Apparently it’s not too bad, there’s a local one where I live with a 5.7 hemi and I’ve spoken to the owner before, apparently it’s not too bad

  16. There’s one in my town that has a 5.7 hemi swap… it sounds and looks so mean

  17. I can’t figure it out. It’s like it’s from a different gun.

  18. I heard that word for the first time not an hour ago, watching The Missing. For a sneaky fact learnt at the same time the auroch became extinct in the 17th century.

  19. Well the Nazis tried to recreate them in the 20th century and that’s how Heck cattle came into existence

  20. Judging by the safeties and cocking pieces I would say US made Krag-Jorgensen rifles

  21. Weird how your IMI Jericho 941 doesn't say "IMI Jericho 941" anywhere and says "Magnum Research Baby Eagle" instead. What a strange coincidence that undoubtedly has no bearing on it's market value whatsoever.

  22. Ah the Prelude. One of my favorite Honda coupes from the 90s. Until someone slaps in a shitty muffler and calls it a day.

  23. There’s a guy a few streets over from me with one and I see him driving it around town sometimes, it sounds so terrible

  24. I’ve got manual seats in my Firehawk and they look very similar to those

  25. Uh, no. JDM means designed for Japan, sold in Japan. A Japanese spec BMW is JDM, your mom’s 2007 Camry is not JDM

  26. All I’m gonna say about the climate changing is when I was a kid you’d drive around in your car in the summer and your windshield would be covered in bugs after a few days. Now there’s barely any bugs on the windshield. That’s just a fact.

  27. Climate change is natural. Earth goes in cycles of warmer and hotter when it needs to.

  28. I need to know what Arkansided means because I feel like it involves Arkansas and I live there

  29. It's taking Arkansas and the suffix -cide which indicates a type of Killing of something or someone.

  30. Ah so like the guy from Middleton Heat and Air who “killed himself” a few weeks ago and his body was found on land belonging to said couple?

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