1. Why go to the trouble of making them top jacks, if you're only going to put the power input on the sides??

  2. Call 842-1212 call is now pizza shuttle

  3. Either you don't proof read, or this is a jingle created by a ChatGPT prompt.

  4. I don't want to leave the Big 12, I just want all the teams in the Big 12 to be really good and be on TV a lot. It would be cool if Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri would come back though.

  5. I passed on a bottle at $150. Was that a mistake? Is it really that good?

  6. I always wanted to try it. Every year I would do my best to find it. I dreamed of opening it for a holiday gathering and sharing generously among friends. But the liquor stores always gave it to their tater friends.

  7. How can I read this without a subscription? The usual workarounds aren't working

  8. The Athletic (now owned by The New York Times) ran a pretty brutal rebuttal to this op-ed. I apologize in advance to those who aren't subscribers, but I think the article is a useful part of the conversation.

  9. Jeptha Creed doesn't have a traditional tasting room. They have a huge party area with corn hole and axe throwing and pizzas. It's a party location which happens to distill spirits. We stopped there for lunch while on the bourbon trail between Louisville and Lexington because we had dogs with us and they are dog friendly.

  10. I remember that I had a couple pours and felt they were forgettable. That checks out because now that's all I can remember about them. They were selling their bottles for $40-50 and I thought that seemed really high. I don't mean to shit on Jeptha, it seems like an awesome place for a Friday night. It just seemed like their priority was not whiskey.

  11. Hockey is so much easier to watch if you don't try to track the puck. The movement of the players tells you where it is and where it's going.

  12. Dont question the OP, he said it was pork, he is clearly trying to teach us critical thinking and send us on a journey to find this cut of pork. The blatant answer of pork was not out of sperginess, it was out of love for his fellow pit bosses, we must honor the OP and go forth on this quest of knowledge and betterment. Grab your hallow 1/2 coconuts for banging together for we ride at dawn! COME BRETHREN, FOR THE POOORRRRK!

  13. The link doesn’t seem to be working

  14. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2023/03/17/how-life-choices-work-in-the-wreck/

  15. Robbing us of a fight between the most and least likable goalie in the league is criminal

  16. Thanks friend. Blues flair always gets downvoted into oblivion on any Binnington post, it doesn't matter what you say 🫡

  17. when I was picking up my step mom from the airport last night there was a guy self sucking in the middle of the pickup lane!

  18. But right now RSNs also cover all the production costs for the games, so if that then needs to be done by MLB or the teams themselves, that adds more of an expense that they’d need to cover.

  19. Yeah exactly. All of the production staff and assets would have to be acquired by MLB or the teams. MLB can't stream a game if there isn't a camera crew, commentary, director, etc. They would have nothing to stream.

  20. Coming back next year so I don't leave AFH on an 0 fer night.

  21. https://facciabruttospirits.com/products/centerbe

  22. I have completely switched to Centerbe. I like it better.

  23. Now where tf are we supposed to get chartreuse?

  24. If you’re in Lawrence you’ve gotta grab a drink and a slice of pizza at The Wheel, right off campus. Don’t forget the honey to dip your crust in!

  25. The pizza guy at The Wheel died several years ago, and I don't think BYU students drink...

  26. Based on everything I’ve seen online, they still sell pizza at the Wheel. I never said anything about drinking alcohol.

  27. Well maybe you're right. I thought the pizza stand ended when he passed.

  28. Like I know we’re not getting a Radiohead album for a long time, but this reminds me that we’re not getting a Radiohead album for a long time.. you know?

  29. The Smile is really good, and it sounds like they are in the studio again the past few weeks.

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