1. Because I was trying to get off the habit of looking at content on a screen, and pay attantion to what's in front of me.

  2. Ohmygod, big pet peeve of mine is people who just drive with their hazards on. Not only is it illegal in some states, but all it's doing is telling me you're uncomfortable and don't feel safe driving, in which case, get off the fucking road highway.

  3. I turn my hazards on during very low visibility situations such as very heavy rain, extreme fog and heavy snowfall where you can barely see in front of you.

  4. I relate to this! The amount of things she’s talked to her friends about me that, mind you, are TOTALLY private! Huhh??!

  5. Flashing brights at a stop sign usually is a gesture to pass the right of way to someone to go before you HOWEVER do this SAFELY

  6. I didn’t know substratum was still supported in newer android versions. I swear I saw something about google dropping support for substratum due to how permissions changed in an update… something like that

  7. Imma say it and its truth. Ever since Samsung began with the Ultras, the "Base" models have lacked features for being "S". Do you remember when you could choose between an S8 and an S8+ and have identical features? So do I. The S10 was the last of it all.

  8. I’m Canadian ( originally) it’s so we can both watch the hockey game at the same time 🤘🤘🤘

  9. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you won’t deserve me at my best.”

  10. Better hope these kids never go missing in the woods. The authorities would never take it seriously

  11. This post is not to berate or belittle Transgender individuals. It is a thought that I had while trying to fall asleep and made me wake up and post it because I wanted some insight.

  12. Have you failed already? What state, and what does a diagnotic consist of. Im a PA resident, most counties are an obd plug. Im familiar with having emission monitors set to ready (tune) and as long as lights not on itll pass.

  13. It says "CATALYST MONITOR UNSURRPORTED" and on the diag the P0420 code is non-existent. Whatever was flashed wiped it, and the emissions cannot be read. Im in ohio, the echeck i went to said i have to fail for a waiver, and unsupported doesnt count as a failure

  14. They found that the more you fuck around, the more they find out.

  15. Not enough changes being made to justify the price. I have a s22 and was curious about the s23 but from what I'm reading it's not worth dropping the money for at this point. Doubt I'll even get the z fold 5 either.

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