1. “But since I stan dad I’m alive and well!” is the most memorable line in recent TV for me. Hilariously cringe.

  2. Theory: Taylor Swift releases ugly overpriced merch on purpose to encourage the creation of fan-designed items. The effect is to 1) mitigate resales of limited edition items that people actually want to own, so being a Swiftie with cute merch is more financially accessible & 2) stimulate literal “buy-in” to the community by purchasers and designers of products that are put up for sale on Etsy, RedBubble, etc. so Taylor Swift is not just a brand, or lifestyle, but also an economy.

  3. Tbh it's because her record label is bad about merch. The decline in quality started when she switched.

  4. It’s not even physical quality of products though, I mean they’re just straight up ugly. Tbh I don’t expect big artists to have merch that isn’t cheaply made (and probs with overseas labor), but usually they’re still cute from the photos online - that is, before they arrive at a fan’s door and it’s in the wrong color/has a wonky fit/falls apart in their hands (see Olivia Rodrigo’s merch debacle).

  5. Iirc Mona in the books and TV show is a Libra with a ton of Scorpio placements, I remember looking up her chart once and it made a lot of sense to me!

  6. I didn’t know til this article that he attended a Pentecostal church as a child.

  7. I was wondering the same thing. He never talked about religion before, why is he suddenly now? I also can’t find anything about which church he currently goes to. Is he even still pentecostal? Faith starts at home, Eric.

  8. I don’t believe he would go to church unless there was a photo shoot involved.

  9. I know he comes off as crotchety, but I genuinely have no idea why Jeremy Strong needs to be method to play essentially a rich, dumb, douchey version of himself.

  10. I mean, Jeremy’s performance is really good so clearly what he’s doing is working. And his behavior doesn’t seem that big of a deal, just sort of annoying.

  11. Sorry but the original opening ceremony collection outsold 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. Trello is the easiest of all. Basecamp second-easiest but looks a little less modern.

  13. I have had several bosses like this, and tbh my experience has been the exact opposite even while working for them. The more I have taken a step back and found better work life balance, the more productive I have become at work and the faster my career has moved. Product is a job that requires deep thought, relationships, and creativity. None of those are things that grinding hours behind a screen will improve.

  14. 100%. When I was sleep deprived from overwork, my communication was much poorer - even writing a simple email would take so much longer. Little delays/miscommunications add up to bigger ones.

  15. What if their roles/responsibilities could easily be split into multiple full-time jobs, do you still blame the individual for working overtime in an attempt to keep up with their workload?

  16. You don’t blame the individual for the company being too cheap to hire another employee to do the work

  17. A lot of Lana’s merch is made in the USA. LDR village shirts are mostly made in USA and the AW necklaces were from a small business in LA.

  18. You can tell the difference in quality in the shirts too. They’re good stuff even if LDR village takes forever to ship.

  19. It’s so worth it tbh. Having worked in merch production, I honestly don’t mind mark ups on products anymore if I know the product isn’t being made by cheap exploitive labor.

  20. I just saw this TikTok of this person stating “I have a low work ethic but a high standard of living” and so they were asking if anyone knows of jobs that align with this and I felt so seen in that moment cause that’s literally me.

  21. Is I Heart ? considered unreleased even tho it was on the Beautiful Eyes EP? (I personally love it and am really hoping for it on Debut TV)

  22. They spent $38 mil for his next movie. And already bought two movies for him to produce

  23. I mean I wasn’t saying WB doesn’t like Zach Creggar, it just doesn’t hold up for me as the best comparison. Seems more obvious to compare this new first look deal with a horror guy that already has multiple box office hits with their last first look deal with a horror guy that already has multiple box office hits.

  24. The Peppa Pig record is going straight in my basket

  25. Don’t see the issue w doing it on the clock if he was still keeping up with all the other deliveries tbh

  26. I didn't realize the tracklist wasn't revealed yet and apparently my brain made up an Ethan Hawke feature

  27. Nooooo not the 4DX theatre! I unironically love those 4DX movies. Hope there’s at least another 4DX cinema in the city…

  28. They have it at the 42nd street location.

  29. Ahh thanks for the info - still, it’s so much farther for me to get to than Union Sq, ugh.

  30. in addition to saturn in the 7th, you also have your ascendant-ruler venus in scorpio

  31. I agree w the other poster, I do want to add that what worked for me is that I actually stopped dating for a few years because it caused me so much emotional distress for the same reasons you mentioned.

  32. Omg can we share the most awful/infamous ones we remember? Like the whole “I’m a white woman and I tolerated a Black lady coming to my yoga class.”

  33. NTA for reasons others stated, but it’s a very bad idea to have no phones in your room in case of emergency.

  34. I keep seeing the 10 year high school reunion TikTok’s and I keep thinking “damn these people look pretty old” but like they’re exactly my age. Why do I still look like a child?

  35. Have you tried buccal fat removal yet??* It will def give you the mature look you’re striving for! 🥰

  36. EDIT 2: ok I think the bigger question is why is Jungkook from BTS on this list… I think he is perfectly fine as a vocalist but one of the greatest ever, where did they pull that from?! they’re citing his Charlie Puth collab?!

  37. Ezra reveal in Ravenswood, I was a big Ezra is A theorist at the time and watching that live I almost screamed

  38. Taylor’s sacrifice is being publicly cringe so that we can sing along and feel comfortable letting our own inner cringe out with her as our shield

  39. Okay I love this song (one of my favorites on Midnights) but every time she says “let the only flashing lights be the tower at midnight” for a split second I imagine her and her lover ignoring the news of like a mass casualty event outside her window with “flashing lights” being police and ambulance sirens 👀

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