Kit Harrington’s thoughts on House of the Dragon.

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  1. We can assume they actually live like the CotF did, hidden in caves.

  2. In Aegon's Garden at Dragonstone, there lies a lemon tree.

  3. You're very close to what I once posted 10 years ago. :) I agree too that she was reincarnated. Have you considered that she is reincarnated from Rheagar?

  4. Yes I have considered that, even that maybe someone has been reincarnating over the generations into different Targaryens. Essentially, a skinchanger. And like we read in Varamyr's chapter, the more time spent in the host, the more you forget yourself. Something Dondarrion sort of said as well regarding coming back to life.

  5. Don't Skinchanger's lose their powers in a new body? So they would have to make sure they took over another Skinchanger each time?

  6. That would make sense, and Targaryens have the dreams and control of dragons that appears to be similar to the Stark bond with direwolves, so it works.

  7. Cersei is Aerys’ daughter. Daenerys is some random bastard dragon seed from Dragonstone kidnapped for political dealings.

  8. I sort of assumed it was meant to be messy and would be explained in the next episode or something.

  9. Doubtful if there’s a ten year time skip.

  10. I don't know why Joffrey would do that. He's Laenor's lover. Why would he care about what Daemon or Rhaenyra did?

  11. Because he’s a good person who thinks evil Daemon is about to kill a helpless princess? Why must his love for Laenor imply he’d be happy with her getting killed?

  12. It doesn't make sense for him at all, if that is the case, for him to blatantly have characters in a TWOW chapter specifically say lemons cannot grow in Braavos, and then make fun of the character who thinks they can. If lemongate isn't lining up with his gardening, why continue building evidence for it in Winds? And why straight up tell a fan in around 2015 that, yes, the lemon tree discrepancy is significant and will lead to something. Why mention in an interview in 2018 that the house with the red door will involve "quite a few revelations."

  13. That was a long time ago. Can you show your sources for what he said in 2015 or more recently? Have the quote from 2018?

  14. They keep focusing on it because they’re going to reveal we’ve been watching the same thing as Bran or Bloodraven. Some scenes are even shot from the perspective of the tree.

  15. I find it interesting that its eyes are closed.

  16. I think Larys will poison Lyonel to bring Otto back, for Alicent. I think he's plotting for his own sake. Harwin will probably find out and Larys will get him killed to hide it.

  17. I think LF will get her legitimized, trying to marry her to Robin, impregnate her, kill off Robin, inherit the Vale through her. I don’t think he ever plans to reveal her true identity nor take Winterfell. As Sansa in charge of Winterfell he would be at risk. As Alayne Baelish/Arryn, queen of the Vale, he’s safe.

  18. Is the tower on the mainroad? I’m pretty sure the location was kept a big secret

  19. The whole tearing down the tower thing is weird, same for the bodies not being returned.

  20. Possible, I think his first line of thinking was to hand the baby to the Daynes. The story of the sword is a cover to explain why he would have gone at all.

  21. I think Viserys will get really sick, while Rhaenyra goes “out of control”, so he’ll be convinced to bring back Otto as his mind withers.

  22. They should have given him short hair from the start, as it makes him look younger, then make it long after the timeskip.

  23. It’s like a sun, and the intro seems to imply blood magic is powering the sun. GoT’s intro also had an artificial representation of the sun.

  24. Well maybe that’s the path to the planet’s core actually; they feed it blood to keep it powered, to keep the planet from freezing.

  25. Maybe the Night's King was the prince who was promised. Maybe his song was the song of ice and fire. Or maybe the story isn't finished and it's why we'll have SNOW.

  26. Or maybe the knight king was Aegon reincarnated and he forged a weapon to kill himself when he became ice to ensure he didn’t succeed. Maybe why the night king could hop on the zombie dragon so quick? Who knows.

  27. Viserys said Aegon inherited the dagger, he didn’t make it.

  28. You can see it as the baby being born crowned because the people already made up their minds that Rhaenyra is not going to be queen and hence Aegon is king before he was even born.

  29. In interviews in his GoT days his voice sounded like Jon’s. I think he has purposely changed it for some reason?

  30. Aegon II wore it, so did Daeron I but was lost in Dorne when he died. I think the dream was Aegon II.

  31. It probably was, but the repeated attention to being born with a crown made me think a baby Other being born with horns on his head like the NK had.

  32. That's actually an excellent point. The Lannister proposal to Rhaenyra felt like something Otto would try to pull.

  33. Yep, marry her to someone rich, far from King's Landing, so she will happily live a privileged life with no duty to the realm and plenty of fancy robes and feasts and wine. It's a "temptation of Christ" type of moment.

  34. Greyscale? Really? Who in their right minds would let a man with extremely obvious greyscale all over his body on board a ship (which are notoriously cramped and impossible to maintain quarantine in) headed anywhere but the leper colony of Old Valyria? Let alone put him at the head of an armada whose ranks he would absolutely ravage in a month.

  35. Cat won’t accept a half-Frey as heir to the Riverlands. I think she will get his wife and child killed.

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