1. I just want to say that you can do this. I'm in exactly the same position at the moment as I let my usage slip away and out of control. It's hard but fill your time after finishing work until you smoke with positive tasks / hobbies

  2. Me three! Just started this week. I did yoga and watched tv at the same time last night and that helped cus I was busy. So maybe try and find something to busy yourself!

  3. As a lover of this sub, I just wanna say I don’t celebrate thanksgiving for the holiday, it’s too deep rooted and hurtful to people. That said, I use the day to decorate the house, eat good food, get a little dressed up and hang with my family. No more to it for me. I feel like a lot of people probably “celebrate” this holiday for fun!

  4. This. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t

  5. i had no idea that they were sisters. makes sense now. i wonder why sahar is basically off of instagram now

  6. She is tho. Saying you want to go back and see such a horrific event is treating it almost like an amusement park attraction. It’s an unhinged thing to say

  7. Yeah she’s like omg yes let’s go back to that and see how the Jews suffered! The absolute cringe that gives me is so bad lol. As a Jew, I’ve had nightmares since I was little worrying about if my mom and I would be separated, have our hair shaved off and then be locked in a box with toxic gas. It’s not a cute thought girl. Let’s normalize reading about things before posting about social media!

  8. As a Jew, this is very offensive and ignorant. It wasn’t a cute Instagrammable time, Olivia.

  9. I’m not Jewish but have extended family that are as well as family friends that were directly affected by the Holocaust.

  10. What a kind message, thank you! Totally agreed, she really has no excuse here. She can educate herself.

  11. Idk either I’d love the answer tho! I also saw a TikTok of her family and she was making fun of their first world problems and they all came off as very wealthy but who knows

  12. I mean, given that she doesn’t work outside being an influencer, I can’t see how she can sustain her lifestyle and crazy shopping habits without being bankrolled by a trust and/or her parents.

  13. Yeah same. She does talk about making more money as an influencer than working a 9-5 but that would only make sense to me if she had like 3 mil followers haha

  14. She honestly makes me loud out loud on TikTok. Her life style doesn’t seem healthy/sustainable but that’s none of my business so I just enjoy her content.

  15. Yalla, it means “let’s go” in Arabic!

  16. I know a lot of us have said black people but also hairstyles from black culture specifically and claiming it as new or unique and their own

  17. Me too! Or being “racially ambiguous” 🙄

  18. It calcs your calories your body uses for the whole day. About 75% of your calories are used jsut for existing. Those are also in the calculation. Calc your needed calories per day. For example 2000. When your fitbit days you burned 2500 calories, it mean you burned around 500 above your needed

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