1. I was reading the Japanese Dengeki Nintendo magazine 's June issue. It confirms that Anna is in the game too, though it doesn't say whether she is playable or not. I can confirm she is the special shop merchant though!

  2. I can't remember. Do votes for the same character across different games get summed up at the end? If not, which Marth should I vote for, fellow Marth-Lovers?

  3. How can you have any pudding if you don't beat your meat?

  4. I spent four hours digging these stones out of the ground and arranging them around this tree in remembrance of the kind forest king. I feel like my efforts were rewarded as I did this the day before Replicant and Reincarnation were announced. Very coincidental timing!

  5. Great job! It is incredible! I would buy one if you sold them! Very impressive!

  6. I would love to see more artwork from Raven's perspective like this. Great job!

  7. Looks amazing. Joker didn't cut his own face of this time. Harley with the assist. XD

  8. Cordelia with Galeforce, Lunge and Heavy Blade seal and 2 Wings of Mercy ranged heroes can autobattle the new map.

  9. I was able to do this as well using Life and Death 1 in the A spot for Cordelia to get into WoM range. Galeforce procs, and she hits the fortress on the left. Then I used Blue Olwen with WoM to hit the fortress diagonally from the left and guard Cordelia from Subaki (who Cordelia didn't kill). It ends on turn 3 this way. Makes the run a second or two longer, but it works and only requires one ranged WoM user.

  10. I didn't get a free one, but got a Nephenee on the first circle on her banner. So, would have gotten one of I made the right choice. I'll take her for 9 orbs though.

  11. It depends on what type of game intrigues you the most. If you are interested in the pair-up mechanics of the newer games, start with Awakening. If you want to launch into FE 6 to FE 10, go with Sacred Stones. And if you are insane, and want to get into the older games start with Shadow Dragon.

  12. Shadow Dragon was my first lol. I ended up living it and have been playing FE games ever since.

  13. Tbh Im just not a massive video game person and FE hits all the right spots for me.

  14. I am not a big video gamer anymore. I used to be. Fire Emblem and Metroid are all that appeal to me anymore. FE is my favorite series because I love math, characters, art, and strategy. Hits all the right spots for me.

  15. That is beautiful. Do you do commissions?

  16. Hear Excalibur and think of a Wind Tome first

  17. Or go to a Marvel movie, see Thor with Mjolnir and think: "Wait, isn't Mjolnir a lightning tome?"

  18. DAMN! Now that one guy doesn't have to write that three page paper on why Conquest's story is amazing.


  20. These days? Finn. I see a lot of my old life dying and fading away as I get older and people around me I used to know well either disappearing from my life all together or changing completely from how they used to be.

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