1. Sorry for the late reply but I recorded the video containing the sample with XRecorder, went into KineMaster, slowed down the song, applied reverb and done!

  2. Thanks bro. Any idea of how doing that in Audacity?

  3. I used Audacity like once to recreate A1

  4. As someone that has experienced multiple existential crisis..... I think i can help.

  5. Yes. You are invited to help. And when the later stage songs are ready, I will pass you the samples by google docs

  6. So you can check if they are really like to feel an existencial crisis

  7. Can't wait for the "I created a real-life simulator in minecraft"

  8. I think it is the plains. The flat terrain helps a lot when building. Also, there can be villages, and almost all animals spawn it it, making a great source of food.

  9. Any knows what modpack is in the video?

  10. Probably I'll edit the lore, so it has more sense.

  11. Sorry for my ignorance. I always thinked that was Sauron! (Probably for the eye)

  12. I have fized the issue, it was one of my mods i use. Sorry for the problem

  13. If you want to play the map with sodium, only use sodium, fabric api and optionally, iris and the sodium crash mod fix. Do not use any other client side mod

  14. I was using Presence Footsteps, LambDynamicLights, Sound Physics Remastered and the Physics Mod

  15. Performance. In the latest versions, the game has less and less framerate. For big gaming computers this doesn't matter a lot, but for potato pc's, this impacts bigger. Also, imprving framerate will help us to not depend in fps boosting mods such as Optifine or Sodium, and probably wolud increase their capacity.

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