how was all of this calculated

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  1. Soto doesn't care he can now buy an infinity elotes, I bet in the back of his mind he is wondering what he was thinking signing with the padres. Now he gets to blow Manny and tatis

  2. I was sitting in my kitchen. It was a moment in history for me listening to 570

  3. I'm over the Soto Hype train. Dude might as well have signed with Ringling Brothers Circus Baseball Team called "The Clowns"

  4. Growing up in the SGV it was always a delight to listen to Vin and Hearn. Two amazing broadcasters. Thanks for the great memories

  5. It takes coordinating with citys, counties. Multiple surveys need to be down. Cherry picker used to move power lines. Pilot cars , high poles. It's a good year to plan. Lots and lots of money

  6. Honestly it’s impossible to tell from thee photos

  7. When I crank the arm and press it will spin. It has different speeds and they will all move faster or slower. I dont see any mold. It was inside a closet and inside this box. Just looks a little dusty. Thanks for your comments, appreciated.

  8. Somewhere between $500 and $1000 would be my rough estimate.

  9. This is my granpas. He is getting old and he has lots of stuff and it's probably going to get thrown in trash. I'm trying to save it.

  10. As an older fan, who had his best bud brag about the Yankees and Jeter, la fans deserve it. We went many seasons with trash

  11. If times are so tuff a nintendo sure sounds like a luxury item.

  12. The frames are warped one is slightly bigger? The Right eye is just a tad too big

  13. I would laso the left lens and copy and flip to match it.

  14. I think it could be a snuff bottle of Qing density or Ming density. There are three vertical words from right to lift(ancient Chinese reading order), the first “渺溪”is the related content/title of the right picture, the second “癸未年”is the year(Chinese traditional calendar), the third one is name and stamp, but the name is so difficult to read; I am not professor about older Chinese language, but for the content, the first character “渺”means “tiny and vague”, and the other character “溪” means “rivulet/little quite river”;for about year, it could be “(1763-60),1763,1823, 1883, 1883+60,…..”

  15. thank you so much for taking the time to respond. i tried to use google translate and could not pick anything up. thank you so much

  16. I dreamed about momma last night. Hank Williams.

  17. I'm not a big fan of Jones but look. Everyone has came and went. His career had so many bumps and scandal that his last fights could have ended bad for him. Dude should have moved up a long time ago but couldn't stay out of trouble. If he fights again im sure he will do something stupid or test positive. Dudes a cheater and has a fat ego. I hope he doesn't think stip is some sloth, he ate big man's best punches and still battled. I don't think jones deserves any title shot. He hasn't consistently earned anything. He wins goes to jail comes back test dirty fights and gets arrested. Same story over and over. Boring. Just my thoughts

  18. Just enjoy the video. All this, we come a long way talk ruined it. Someone had to bring up well known facts acting like they are dropping knowledge

  19. hell let loose is like this , check it out.

  20. That is the only thing i hate about gaming. When you were young it was so much better. Nothing compares. And when you were in that moment you did not realise it was that moment that may have been the best moment of gaming in your life. Hell who knows, maybe when i'm 85 and gaming with my co nursing home dudes will be the best moment of my gaming life. But for now nothing comes close. Bf3 was peak battlefield for me. Was blown away by that game. Same Said for grand theft auto 4. And both of those games Still hold up imo.

  21. ive been in love with so many games. marvel vs capcom 2. the cod online when it came out blew my mind. coming from a kid who played pong and atari, it blew my mind playing battlefield 1 its amazing. the music, the maps, the way they speak german. the game is a masterpiece

  22. anyone know where i can find pics like these? Internet nowadays is just full of ads and its find to hard this content. Was always interested about Jeffrey Dahmer's victims, no i am not a psycho xD this is real life and i want to see for myself how fucked up these guys really were.

  23. plenty of books in the past written with photos inside. go on ebay and see

  24. How would i search for these? Jeffrey Dahmer victim book? Thanks for helping out :D

  25. you can google dennis rader crime scene and a good amount of photos come up. you need to research yourself. jeffery dahmer lots of videos on youtube. lots of paperback books with story's. anne rule ( she does get some slack) wrote a decent amount covering ted bundy and the green river killer. this is a rabbit hole you must go down yourself, it takes all the fun being given the info. i was a baby when Richard Ramirez scared my mother and the whole los angeles area. serial killers always fascinated me.

  26. And totally illegal by labor law. Smh.

  27. at least they are putting it out there that they can do this but cant do that. i wouldnt mind checking it out.

  28. i recently bought this game new on eBay for 14 bucks. i have played a few games. its not that bad. its not the same bf we might have played in the past but we can always revisit our old games. i love bf1 and i haven't played it because I'm trying to give this game a chance since they made some updates. people will never be happy no matter what. its always easy to comment when you're sitting on the sidelines.

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