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  1. Someone could probably translate his father’s braised rabbit recipe. Or it may be in one of the soprano cookbooks. Anyone?

  2. Dogs are allowed and very common at Powhatan

  3. Ah, you’re correct. Thought they weren’t allowed on all the WMAs. Guess just the smaller ones. Good luck out there.

  4. Michael is too busy banging putanas in The White Lotus

  5. I came here to say [almost] this exact thing.

  6. I just got some from new grand mart on broad, really solid pricing

  7. Penzey’s was 7.79 for a 1 oz bag, which is like 5 of them. Seemed reasonable.

  8. Nobody will see this, but this literally made me tear up.

  9. Ugh. I hate this for the employees. I want to say I hate this for the employer to have to close up shop, but why do it in this manner? Makes a shitty situation worse.

  10. It’s… not great. But it’s not terrible. Can’t speak for the entire series.

  11. "Hey, go up on the lift and let me know if you can see the tornado coming from up there"

  12. Basically what our football coaches did during storms during practice. “Coach, I think I just saw ligh….” “Shhhh! Whistle Run it again!”

  13. John Popper used to make fun of Bob Dylan's harmonica playing.

  14. Arguably the best songwriter in the history of the world is a hack? Lol just say you don't like his voice

  15. No, I like John Prine’s voice. Pre and post throat problems. ;)

  16. People are downvoting you but I agree, shit does get weird around the full moon.

  17. Ask a nurse or an elementary school teach and they’ll tell you it’s true.

  18. Let’s forget about the FBI for a second, I don’t understand why Tony was so against him going down to FL. Ralphie had been there for at least the first two seasons. And brainless the 2nd had been down there for a while fixing wet tee shirt contests. Not letting him retire, sure, but “hey you can go down there, but you’re still in he life and have to get a crew going.” Why not?

  19. How did you get this so wrong? That was Phil’s goomar at her house, which is where he was supposed to be. Her dad just happened to look to Phil I guess.

  20. Pretty weird to get with someone who looks that much like your father lol

  21. That’s who women want. I look just like my fiancé’s father. Twist: I’m her brother 🍆

  22. Don’t understand the hate for the movie. I have watched The Sopranos many times through and watched the movie a couple of times. It was decent and I enjoyed it.

  23. I didn’t hate it as much as most on this sub, but I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. I will say that if it sets up a lot of other stuff for a sequel, then it can be redeemed somewhat. But still, not that great of a movie. I think a lot of ppl were expecting more tony and soprano family backstories we heard from the series.

  24. I really wasn't. I had already heard that Tony would be a small part in the film and that it would be 90% about Dickie. I was totally fine with that, I was happy for it to be barely about the Sopranos and just a movie about a guy that happens to live in the same world as the Sopranos dealing with the Newark riots. When I saw it I was actually very disappointed that there was so much Sopranos shit in it. Every second sentence was a reference to the show and it was nothing but blatant fanfare that was just lame and insulting to our intelligence. And ok, if it IS going to be about the Soprano crew then get that stupid fucking story with the black guys out of the story. It was just so badly written and the acting was the most absolutely fucking retarded stuff I have ever witnessed in my life. I watched it in the cinema with like 5 other people in the place and a guy was sitting a couple of seats anyway from me. Every time they made a cringey show reference we just looked over at each other with a "what is this bullshit?" look. When we were walking out to our cars we walked past each other and didn't even say anything... We both just shook our heads.

  25. “Does it have something to do with Chrissy or?”

  26. I have some dehydrated Carolina Reaper peppers I grew. I like hot peppers such as ghost peppers, but these reapers are just something else entirely… No redeeming qualities, just pure hot pain. I took a tiny bite out of one, and it was the most intense uncomfortable spicy experience I’ve ever had. Lasted over an hour and all I could do for relief was suck on ice cubes.

  27. Hahaha appreciate the offer-I love hot stuff, but I think I’ll take your word for it in this instance.

  28. I would check Cocky Rooster, super hot wings isn't my thing but they have a lot of sauces.

  29. ESH. Sounds like your uncle, fiancée and you are all a bit demented and in need of serious help.

  30. Miccosukee Greenway, alford Greenway, Tom brown park trails, Phipps park, Munson hills/st marks trail. Dont know what part of town you live in, but there's a good chance there's some sort of park/trail near by. Check out the good folks at gulf winds track club for more running fun.

  31. Alford greenway is my personal favorite! Although Phipps and Forest Meadows is a close 2d.

  32. It is very annoying when you post a serious question or discussion and the only people who get upvotes are stupid quotes. It makes most threads very dull.

  33. Ending your post with “anyway, four dollars a pound,” how fucking original.

  34. If Vito wanted to pursue that lifestyle, he should've done so quietly.

  35. So it's basically a way that you can use a machine to create an object out of plastic or another similar material, one layer at a time.

  36. Thank you! So kinda like a cake frosting gun, but with other materials. It’s just crazy to me that we’re 3D printing houses and all sorts of shit. Thanks for the answer and have a great day/night wherever you are!

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