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  1. Alchemist and Hans are also good options for void pierce. Similar to Trigger and Elio they have unique side effects that you might want. Hans can also carry an unmatchable latent for additional utility and is common in MD2 builds.

  2. How do you deal with awoken binds if you need to cycle those 3 shiva actives

  3. like if someone touches a file in a batch copy during transfer or if windows just bugs out for a min and your copy doesn't finish and doesn't alert you to failure b/c it THOUGHT it finished.

  4. What if you checked the number of files and gigs of that folder drop and it’s the same

  5. Soooo many artifacts and sculptures were destroyed, damaged, or even awkwardly reconfigured by the Christians in Rome it's sad to see. The headless statues and sculptures alone are in the hundreds, and I can't even imagine the amount of wealth and knowledge also erased.

  6. Poor people aren’t gonna be hanging precious metals on their wall after the fall

  7. Corporations want shit made as cheap as possible*. They could afford to pay more for uber quality and even drop the price. But gotta keep the ceo 1000 billion dollar salary

  8. Supply and demand. Basic economics

  9. God he’s so fucking stupid it hurts, but it also really worries me how supportive a community he has behind him. If everyone was calling him stupid it’d be one thing but medical skepticism is a real issue in the poorest communities (and historically, there’s some reasoning for that), but I don’t know how you even begin to fix that.

  10. Now that the government has lifted covid rules, he has the same rights as the vaccinated which will make him more smug

  11. Hoping they’d find actors that looked like the game

  12. Biden is finishing Trumps wall for free said that the money that was set aside for it was going to military families

  13. Cringe Reddit Liberals: Remember to vote

  14. Liberals be like remember to vote

  15. Why was the Sahara lush and tropical back then?


  17. Why hasn’t it reverted back

  18. There’s nothing noble or anti-hero in this panel. He just knows he’s Doom. That’s all there is to it. How many people are that unabashedly confident in themselves

  19. Then why didn't he hand them over sooner?

  20. If he handed them all over after a year of holding onto them he still wouldn’t be charged for having possession of it which is what you’re claiming is a crime subject to penalty. If it wasn’t a crime for one year then it’s not a crime for 2 or 5 ect. What the fbi is doing is trying to get him on a process crime instead

  21. Honestly, how tf did he think it was going to go?

  22. Probably play it out like the Russian investigation

  23. You've lost it. "Hey, stay inside so we keep cases down and not overload the hospitals" - you jump to "omg they're going to start sending us to the gas chamber". Get a grip, I know Americans only care about themselves, but try doing the bare minimum for others, even if you find it hard.

  24. You wanted them arrested for resisting being locked by the government and other dumb things like wearing a mask to a restaurant

  25. People get fined for not wearing a seatbelt and it only impacts them. Australia has public health care, they're not going to sink their infrastructure just because some mouth breathers think they're above the law. Your government just chose to let people die, because it's their "freedom".

  26. 6 feet apart waiting in lines at the airport but perfectly fine sitting shoulder to shoulder on a plane

  27. They asked nicely for two years then decided they weren’t gonna play along with his games anymore

  28. If it wasn’t a crime for him to have it the first year then it wasn’t a crime for him to have it any other following year. They are trying to get him with a process crime which people don’t seem to understand because they fail to understand that’s the same thing they tried to do with the Russian hoax investigation. There was no collusion so they set out to get him with Obstruction of Justice instead which people failed to understand what that meant and thought it was collusion charges

  29. "Everyone was harmed during the making of this video"

  30. My old high school friends that are single and pushing 40 get upset that I want to spend time with my wife and kids.

  31. When your kids have grown up it’ll be the same excuse. Bank on it

  32. I bust out some filler board games. No food allowed

  33. Someone pull up that video of German leaders laughing at Trump attacking Russian energy

  34. 3 prestigious academy award winner

  35. It’s cheap for a reason. For archiving it’s fine. If you want to do random writes or rewrites on it, it’s baaaad.

  36. Writes and rewrites like downloading movies

  37. Sure, do it LEGALLY then, because if they are illegals, then what abbott and Ron the fascist Deathsantis did is illegal, i.e. supporting and ordering the transportation of illegal aliens across state lines is illegal.

  38. Why won’t the government allow them to be sent back to Mexico

  39. First, they are allowed to reside in the States while awaiting processing; second, they can't force Mexico to take them because Mexico is a different country; third, they can be sent back once processing is done and they are deemed to not be refugees and therefore are not granted asylum.

  40. So they are processed in the United States

  41. And Prey was the definitive prequel! They nailed it.

  42. They can do better and go back further

  43. I have a few thoughts about this. We keep hearing both sides discuss different angles here: one side says these people are freaking out about migrants coming to their neighborhoods, and the other side is acting like they are being welcomed with open arms and being given aid and supplies... I assume that the truth is somewhere in between.

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