1. Am I the only one who thinks she is just trademarking it IN CASE North wants to venture in these businesses in the future? I don’t think she will be actually launching any toy or skincare brands anytime soon

  2. I see what you are saying although there are some who have done it well like that JoJo Sliwa no sure how to sell her names she was on Dance Mom and made a fortune selling hair bows

  3. Yes but it wasn’t right that her mom profited off her. And subjected her to Abby’s abuse for tv show exposure. Jojo literally dressed like a kid until she was able to come out and be open that she’s a lesbian and her bows gave her a receding hairline. She has been through a lot. Same with Mary Kate and Ashley, they are traumatised from all the things they used to sell growing up. Miley as Hannah as well

  4. I think it’s wild selena can date the weekend who’s been on and off with Bella for years and allegedly zayn who’s been on and off and baby daddy to Gigi for years but hailey being with Justin after he was on and off with Selena for years is tErRiBlE. These are the same type of people commenting on nick&jessica and britney&justin 4ever on insta as whole ass adults. Selena is messy af and no one’s allowed to be messy back cause her fans are psychotic. Not that anyone asked but I had to get that thought out there

  5. I mean she literally tried to get her fans to bully Bella and they actually bullied her recently because Selena said she wishes she looked like her and she loves her name or something like that. But hailey being a fan of Justin Bieber as a teenager/ kid makes her evil

  6. 100% this. They won’t stop until something truly horrible happens

  7. They won’t stop even then. Hailey had heart surgery cause she almost died and spoke out about it for the 1 year anniversary for the surgery and Selena fans were spamming the comments with hate saying she’s trying to play victim, she’s trying to copy Selena by having an illness, they wish she d*ed and that she’s lying and she was just in rehab. So if something did happen I doubt they would stop unless she was actually gone it’s disgusting

  8. Hailey’s fans were making jokes about Selena and her lupus, even wishing death on her. Neither should get death threats but don’t act like Hailey is the only one

  9. I never said she was but Selena is the only person who benefitted from this whole thing so it’s okay to feel worse for hailey. Obviously that’s not okay but there’s a difference between a few horrible comments and having every comment section of you and the people you love flooded with hate and 1 of your best friends being hacked and having their number leaked.

  10. i can’t imagine how dehumanized she must feel… getting harassed is definitely terrible and i’m not downplaying it but to have people get so lost into some tiktok mess to not even think of you as a human?? saying your husband hates you and laughing about it? referring to you as animals & misgendering you? creating bad fake reviews to sabotage your brand? popular youtube pages being allowed to spread false info and getting paid for it? wishing death on you on public twitter accounts? wishing death on your unborn child? i couldn’t take that

  11. Someone said if she ever gets pregnant they’re gonna rip her baby out others said they would “accidentally push her or hurt her. All of these real account sim her insta comments getting tons of likes

  12. “to let me know” its been happening for 5 years you’ve been aware🙄 don’t like how she put hailey on blast for reaching out either (the fact that she reached out to her is concerning and makes me wonder where her mental state is) because they’ll turn that into a joke too

  13. Exactly cause now her fans are attacking hailey for it. They are also attacking Justine Skye and laughing about the fact that she was hacked and Selena fans are sending death threats to her phone number and saying racist things

  14. Um no that is not what I'm saying lmao. Did you even read my comment before you responded?

  15. That person said don’t call it bullying over an argument. You replied why are people so sensitive over the word bullying.

  16. Yes this is correct. I want to know why people get offended when people use the word bullying when describing the same behaviours. And to clarify, an argument which goes both ways isn't bullying. Repeatedly attacking or antagonising someone when they don't want to engage with you is imo

  17. So context to me would imply that you think that person is being sensitive by saying the situation between Ellie and tanyel is not bullying. So probably just a miscommunication then. I think the other user and I both agree with you on that.

  18. I honestly am selfishly glad maeva and James are returning they just make good tv and I think it will be interesting to see a new parenting storyline. The recycled cheating and partying storylines do get old. I

  19. i think what really helped s5 shine was that it wasn’t just the ogs that were memorable (though they were great too) – the bombshells that season were absolutely stacked! good early bombshells, a good casa cast, and even the late bombshells (that can often be kind of dead weights) contributed to the show. so once that season picked up it really maintained its momentum throughout, because most of people who got casted were pulling their weight

  20. I mean I always forget Yewande was an early out that’s how iconic that season was

  21. Kim would have asked for money for her likeness so it’s ridiculous for her to expect all her sisters to roll over and give her theirs for free.

  22. i feel like this what people moreso want to happen instead of it actually happening.

  23. And now they have kids even if they fell over for 3 years the internet would blow up in a few year at whatever their kids did good or bad

  24. My old music teacher used to use this for lessons. If I he has a recording of it I’d be happy to send it to you

  25. This is very interesting. I have literally never heard this, and as an orchestra musician myself I spend a lot of time around other classical musicians. “Imbecilic” is among the last words that comes to mind for me. Conservative maybe but the farthest thing from trash.

  26. I completely agree. When we were studying it in school it was never even mentioned as a wildly stated opinion

  27. I’m not saying he didn’t mess around and take his sweet time, but I am saying that didn’t he have the right to? I mean he wasn’t a massive player making out with multiple girls, he simply gave people a chance. I think she was certain and he wasn’t, similar to Tasha and andrew last season

  28. Lol when people made this comparison earlier on in the season everyone jumped down their throats.

  29. There's always some BS excuse like "one day, True will grow up and find out that we didn't wish her dad Happy birthday on Instagram!"

  30. The glam filter (aka handsome squidward) is everywhere on tik tok I’m tired

  31. I’m sure it’s gonna become a permanent fixture for men and women on social media unfortunately

  32. Yeah but Natasha Lyonne has also had dalliances with women that show her that she’s straight so it could be nothing 😭

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