1. Nothing new, you’re not the first and certainly not the last. Every generation utters the same words.

  2. And they've all been right. Every generation is the worst generation.

  3. Gen X wasn't bad, tbf. They're fine. Boomers, millennials and Zoomers though? Ugh

  4. The premise, as stated early on in the story, is that version of Deadpool learns for a fact that he, and everyone else, is a comic book character. Their lives are on a constant cycle of torture and death for the amusement of others. So he's going around killing everyone to, in his mind, save them and end the cycle.

  5. Because it isn't GOOD. I don't care how "unserious" it tries to be, if it's not good, then it's shit, plain and simple.

  6. That's your opinion. I personally think it's good and enjoy it quite a bit for what it is.

  7. What people "expected" was for it to make sense. It didn't

  8. No way. That's a such shitty tag line. "And its bat". Sounds like something a young fan would come up with. Not a professional writer.

  9. Tbf most comic writers are shit and probably would do this too.

  10. There's over 80 years of comics to draw from. Plus, if a higher standard of quality was a requirement for discussion, most of the movies wouldn't be talked about.

  11. Thanks man. Been really hard; Even McDonald's didn't hire me and they hire everyone. I was also rejected from a DISH WASHING job. It... It really does make me feel like no one wants me.

  12. Hang in there. Something that always stuck with me was a Tupac lyric on "Me Against the World."

  13. It's just... My dark night started when I was around 16 and I'm 28 now and it doesn't seem like it's ever going to get better man. It really doesn't, and everyone always tells me it'll get better, but after 12 years, I'm not... What if it doesn't get better, ya know?

  14. Hmm. In a run where you are taking bites and apparitions you shouldn't be having an HP issue..

  15. Ah but it only takes ONE bad turn in runs like that to spiral out of control.

  16. Exactly! So I'm going to upgrade my cards to reduce how bad those turns feel, or even potentially remove my bad turns.

  17. Oh yeah no, that's a totally valid way to do that too. I just personally like having as many safety nets as I can get because my luck (in EVERYTHING) is always so damn bad

  18. Again, intent is what's important here. That's all that mattered

  19. That's not it at ALL. What he did was actually the equivalent of a high stakes, extremely dangerous stunt. He did everything he could to ensure he wouldn't die, but he still had the intent to sacrifice himself.

  20. It's a tale as old as time, woman who wasn't into romance encounters a man so irresistible that she can't help but fall for him. Just makes for spicy content

  21. This pretty much. Introduce a woman who has never, "nor will ever" engage in romance, and suddenly everyone is writing fics of her fucking the MC and/or their OC

  22. This. Bruce and Terry ARE Batman. Other people just use the suit for a while

  23. Fair warning, there's two different Fandal Tales. You'll want the original, which is like 10 years+ old or so. The other one is like a 1 year old and is subtitled The Cursed Prince or something

  24. Anything is better than that name, even Cobweaver.

  25. he should have his own name that really encapsulates all of his exaggerated swagger he is known to have

  26. This. Miles deserves to be treated differently from the Spider-Man clones

  27. yooo that's a cool scenario, but i only see the use of learning a skill (and only within 1 hour increments)

  28. Also here's a question, what about learning self defense or something like boxing? A good deal of that is muscle memory, and since only your memory itself is unaffected by the time loops, you'll lose that muscle memory

  29. Huh, you've got a point there. I think muscle memory would be useful in more dire circumstances, because then your body could move on instinct, whereas with photographic memory, just practicing it a half decent amount will suffice for 99.9% of every situation.

  30. Idk, there’s plenty of fights in Act 2 where CE will allow you to end a fight a turn or two early (birds, slavers, thieves, etc). The damage you avoid in these fights will allow you take more elites, rest less/upgrade more cards, etc. It’s also worth pointing out that Snecko and Bullettime make it stronger.

  31. Yeah Adrenaline is ONLY ever a bad pick against Time Eater. Besides that, there's no reason not to take it. It's S tier, while CE is low A or high B tier imo

  32. Corspe explosion solves so many tough fights that it's almost always worth grabbing a copy.

  33. I'd say it's one of the few cards in the game that is ALMOST always 100% a good idea to add to the deck. Even if you have plenty of AoE options, this card allows you to kill one monster and pretty much end most fights.

  34. Yeah, and he didn't offer to drive him. Didn't offer to call him a cab. And then locked him outside. He's a jealous piece of shit

  35. Never forget there are some places where an underage boy can be raped by a woman, and then the BOY GOES TO JAIL

  36. I remember this one story once where this happened because in that country, rape could only be committed by a man. So there, a man or boy can be raped, but because only men can be charged with it, they get sent off to prison instead.

  37. Anyone going to comment on how clever that was!

  38. Now I actually wonder if that would work. Like you'd think that some genies would be like "naw man, no getting off on technicalities, I ain't a lawyer." But it's an interesting debate

  39. What a useless comment. He called me an idiot, so I called him a fucking moron. But I’m an asshole, and he’s being nice. Stop trying to mediate conversations if you can’t fucking read. This isn’t a bOtH sIdEs issue, and you don’t come across as intelligent by saying that.

  40. Nicer. Spell checking is a bitch and a half on my phone.

  41. And see? This is what being an asshole looks like kids. This person will never have any real friends or family, and no one will ever like them for them. Only for money, fame or looks. And one day, when all of those fade, and he has nothing left but regret and bitterness, he'll remember this message.

  42. I would downvote you, but there's a reddit fuck up and I can't. Just remember that I really, really want to downvote you.

  43. Holy shit, sasquatch cleaned up nice. Could shave off a bit more, but looking good Bigfoot

  44. Totally..can you imagine only ever having to be wrong about something once? No more extensive theorizing, designing experiments, and testing. Just one then done.

  45. Oh legit if that's the case then just declare "This liquid I'm pouring will be able to cure all forms of cancer!" And then when you pour yourself a coke, suddenly you'll know how to eradicate cancer

  46. Hmmm...I'm not sure. Technically, what you'd know is why your glass of coke didn't cure cancer, which isn't quite the same thing.

  47. True, there is a wording issue involved that could go Monkey's Paw really fast

  48. It's definitely my favorite of the genre. I don't hate it per say, but it's definitely not my favorite genre

  49. I don't remember the episode name, but it's Batman Beyond, the episode where Bruce celebrates his 80th birthday

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