'City-born', by me, digital art, 2021

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  1. These were very common with Dragon's Maze. The extra packed in shocks were often smudgy like this

  2. "I came to Japan to recreate Leave It To Beaver, stop reminding me of all of the drawbacks to that"

  3. Thanks for this. Would you kindly then let me know where I can purchase individual packs from within this SLD?

  4. I was ok with the ep until that muhfucka popped in. Stupid ending.

  5. Shame it's wasted on his nonsense - one of the least bad-ass, hardcore, edgy, subversive or original content that would in any way justify "massacre"

  6. I think there's just an expectation that when something is hitting the front page, it's at least a little funny, impressive, interesting ect. So there's this mental backlash of "Well there's no way this many people upvoted an old broken remote with some whiteout on it. There must be more to it."

  7. Pretty much. This post is so remarkably unremarkable (read: stupid) that I thought I was missing something.

  8. It’s got maybe two short chapters dedicated to the Nerd, and then a few short chapters about making the actual movie. I’m actually really disappointed.

  9. That's because the nerd is nothing, it's just some stupid character he made up once.

  10. Apart from his lack of follow through, i see no reason why this wouldnt work. There are at least 6 successful arcades in austin tx, and its way smaller than Philadelphia. Ryan's already got the cabinets; he might as well slap them in storefront, imo.

  11. TMG is literally in a parking lot in a suburb 30 minutes outside of Philly, I still have no idea how they get idea with calling it "Greater Philly" and the neighborhood looks like they hate being called that.

  12. My point is more that this arcade may or may not do perfectly fine, but if it does, it won't be because it's "in" Philadelphia, and therefore benefit from being in a big city.

  13. I'm pretty sick of the foil-only drops. It does make it easier to know I'm not buying this though.

  14. Yeah I thought they learned that lesson immediately after the first ones

  15. You just described the discontinued Theme Boosters and no, nobody was willing to buy those!

  16. People view themselves as a character sheet in an rpg anymore, as if they're making themselves from the top down

  17. I am sticking to picking up the OG version of some of the staples I use (IE City of Brass, Dark Ritual). Cards that even if they tank they still have playability and awesomeness value.

  18. Yeah Arabian Nights City of Brass and Alpha Dark Ritual are probably safe investments

  19. Im only seeing Timmy posts recently,. Hasbro has really shit the bed and killed the secondary market.

  20. Who would have thought that “We have investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.” wasn’t going to be the full truth?

  21. i probably spend too much time on here, but this is the 3rd video i've seen in the last 24 hrs where people are saying people are out to get them. Not sure if it is actually some new evolution of the brain rot going on these days or i'm just noticing it now. To be clear it's not a political thing, it's like straight up paranoia.

  22. There's simply not enough information to determine whether this was malicious or not.

  23. They can't lock you up for a few days without reasonable suspicion that you did something.

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