1. Will do. I'm actually working tonight, so I'll try and find the entrance. I'm a little nervous...

  2. I've experienced this quite a few times, but never met anyone. It was exactly how you described, like a dark ocean, warm, but I could breathe in it, like a deep grayish-blue color. I remember going pretty slow, but then going faster and faster until I finally popped into another reality. It might be some kind of portal?

  3. Seriously? You couldn't pull yourself up a foot? Ugh... I have no hope for humanity.

  4. When you experience something you have to believe It,like I am not Christian but feel the presence of guardian angels,not once but on several occasions. Why includes not only us but the whole creation,surrendering our will to creator is the only way to live.

  5. I'm not saying you can't feel the presence of anything because you don't believe in religion... I'm just saying nobody really knows why we're here or anything exists, nobody has a solid "Hey, this is what, why, when, where, how" on anything. I've experienced so, so much including multiple quantum deaths, surreal beings, ghostly encounters... but I still couldn't tell you or anyone the reason behind any of it... it just is at this point in time.

  6. When you acknowledge higher forces due to direct experience, you are absolved of all actions. Why of existence is an agony faced by all thinkers. Einstein refused treatment at the end Hawking was always seeking the answer to the great Why Mark twain was smug at taking a bow. Alĺ the greats actually greeted the end after reaching 75. None of them ultimately cared for the answer.

  7. That's a great idea! I bet the owner wasn't on any social media. I had something similar happen to me except she ran away from my house and when I followed her, she went straight to a particular house and started scratching at the door. The person who answered was a little old Spanish lady who didn't speak English. She was so happy.

  8. I'd take it to a jeweler to have it tested because there's more purple gemstones than just amethyst. Very pretty, though!

  9. Yh, I know! just bit afraid of the less fun places.

  10. If you use a bag over your hand and flip it around... you will not touch the poop, period. You won't get dirty.

  11. „˙ʎʇɹıp ʇǝƃ ʇ,uoʍ no⅄ ˙poıɹǝd 'dood ǝɥʇ ɥɔnoʇ ʇou llıʍ noʎ ˙˙˙punoɹɐ ʇı dılɟ puɐ puɐɥ ɹnoʎ ɹǝʌo ƃɐq ɐ ǝsn noʎ ɟI„

  12. Just smudge it with sage, sweetgrass or anything has smoke sent and everything should be fine. It's obviously possessed so just turn the curses around.☯️💜🌺😉😁

  13. Zoom it, it is the white spot that looks like a person by the wood stack

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