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  1. If you check my profile you'll find a video of a spright player doing this to themselves after they already had lethal and I had no cards on the field.

  2. As a representative of the Labrynth community, we completely reject any association with this floodgate player and we can't be held responsible for it.

  3. Sorry chief, I admit that I use 3 floodgates (imperial iron wall, rivalry and gozen match) but the rest is all right I can guarantee you, a good example I can give is that I play with Witch Strike, Titanocider and Broken Line to survive in this arduous meta that forgives no one

  4. Funny fact: I did not activate Rivalry at any time after IDP

  5. Yo the dude next to the girl kinda packin

  6. My reaction was the same as yours the moment I spent 10 CP and gained the Urban Tracker Pale Prowler, you probably spent all the year's luck on this pull

  7. Ah, sounds like me using HoT, Fischl, Eden for literally everything.

  8. I see I made a good team choice apparently, because I'm doing the same thing as you

  9. miHoYo: OK. How about a rock and a fireworks filled night sky.

  10. Ah thank you so much for the depression, I didn't need it but thanks anyway

  11. Same, the 3D world was once a very nice place to visit, nowadays it stinks

  12. Amorphage, Cubic OTK, Metaphys, Despia Darklord, Odd-Eyes Z-ARC and building Solfachord

  13. Is there any koaki decks that are good? Asking cause I saved all mine when building Adam deck and haven’t found one

  14. Honestly, I have no idea if there is a good deck.

  15. Floowandereeze players 🤝 Dragonmaid players

  16. LMAO, It's in those moments that I'd like to see his reaction

  17. When he suddenly grows to the size of a moose, you begin to review your desires more carefully.

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