1. I think visual novels are fine when it’s those short crappy ones like Sakura Santa that pretty much only exist to be made fun of. I think Arin tried to treat DR like every other stupid anime game they played, but it didn’t work because

  2. "4. Arin has not made many arguments to support why he hates the series..."

  3. I can't imagine the amount of money they spend on delivery per month. It must be astronomical.

  4. Haven't watched any of the recent Observation Duty videos because I find the game boring tbh, but also I know it'll be nothing but a barrage of Allie self inserts

  5. I have the sponsor block extension and I'm so glad I'm never surprised by one of their "ads" at the beginning anymore.

  6. I need to download that extension. Does it work on mobile? Tired of paying for YT Red and stuck listening to sponsorships in the middle of my videos

  7. Well it's a chrome extension so I don't know about mobile. Try and see if it works and report back! I personally never installed an extention on my phone

  8. I think that's just normal for a channel which has been there for years, they literally have been there for a decade and that's just counting Game Grumps and not Arin's time on Newgrounds.

  9. Where did you look up the state filing records for Game Grumps? When did Brent buy them?

  10. It's not a joke (well they probably see it as one since they have different iterations) but, "LaSt TiMe On GaMe GrUmPs"

  11. Nickelodeon Guts tirade. Fast forward years later...

  12. I'm sorry that episode is still hilarious.

  13. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. Always wondered what they were like

  14. I'd say Grump Course. It also has some "sleepy grumps" which is a thing of the past

  15. This is stuff I would think about after a nice fat blunt

  16. I'm ecstatic it's over. Watched like 5 episodes and said fuck this

  17. Are you new? Not hating men but Sounds like it. Back in the day we had Barry who would make amazingly funny edits and then he gave way to Kevin who didn't do as much but still added some flavor. Then there was Matt and Ryan aka SuperMega and they most certainly would put their unique spin on certain situations. And then there was Ben... which is a whole different topic and I think answers your question

  18. I agree I loved them. It's also funny seeing Arin devote so much effort into a broken (projector) controller.

  19. Anyone get the sense that Arin and Harely where just not fair match? Harley controlled that the entire time. It was kinda brutal.

  20. I thought Arin was only inserted because Noone else would be near Harleys weight. Also RGT was a sponsor. Could be wrong I'm only going on what other people said.

  21. You got mad when Elon purchased Twitter didn't you

  22. Tons of other youtubers do these. Like, all of them actually lol

  23. Jon did his on architecture... and still made it hilarious.

  24. When they switched from 2 ten minute episodes to 1 long episode a day

  25. It used to be 3 if I remember correctly but that's going back

  26. I mean there’s a whole compilation of their technically difficulties. It’s literally still enjoyable content when things go wrong and they have to fix it while Danny says something funny to buy time.

  27. My post is pointing out they handled it perfectly. Didn't need any help from an outside party

  28. I know, I’m saying that even if they didn’t handle it perfectly there’s still no real reason to have a person in the room to sort it out as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of content.

  29. Sorry, I had read your response wrong the first time. Glad we agree

  30. I really enjoyed the 3 team Steam oc Civilization and that included Arin. Dan talking in the old Jewish voice about your cousin built note dame and them talking shit to Augustus Cesar had me dying

  31. Hey I know this is 5 years later but do you still have that link? Haha

  32. He's still only doing countering? I have not yet played Elden Ring only seen a few episodes they have done and it seems to him that's the only way to fight an enemy. And that's very ironic considering his aversion to using a shield in every other game.

  33. I personally found their Mario Party series quite funny. Although I have to admit, it's because Matt and Ryan carried it.

  34. If this is the case, why'd they still uphold the rule that they can't say their editor's name on the show?

  35. Probably the 10th time I've said this but I'm convinced they outsource their editing 90% of the time directly through the company they're signed with through YouTube.

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