1. What resolution would you recommend for grabbing frames. Of course higher is better but it will also drain battery and use up more space.

  2. I'm just gonna say here that the higher resolution doesn't result in a larger file size and won't use up more space. Since most of the resolutions (with maxed-up settings) use 100 mbit/s bitrate, the file size would be the same no matter the resolution or FPS.

  3. Currently on my second rotation and it still looks and performs great. Since it's very firm board it tends to have visible holes in it but it heals up well. For the price it is a great board

  4. I can't see the lines you are talking about. At this point, you should really acknowledge that the camera is 10 years old and probably won't be able to compare with today's quality standards.

  5. Decathlon sells rebranded Harrows darts for cheap, these are actually Harrows Verve. They also sell the Harrows Rapide, Harrows Assassin RG and Harrows Ice

  6. If the board, sensor and lens are not damaged it could still be used as a naked GoPro (used for FPV drones). If that's not what you'd use, you can try to sell it to someone who intends to get one.

  7. Does the serial number of your camera start with C33313528 or C33313529? If so, it might be a faulty camera from the factory. I've seen around a hundred faulty cameras with the same serial number prefix.

  8. yes, my cerial number is C3331352911869. Whats the best way for me to contact them, do they have an email I can send to?

  9. Just make sure you use 100% infill on mounts and other accessories as you probably don't want them to break. The cold shoe mount of yours looks like it might break easily.

  10. I've got the designa repointer and it does the job. I can't imagine it breaking since it's metal and looks strong enough for what it does.

  11. I had the same problem, I've heard those jigsaw foam type things work quite well?

  12. Tried them but they are too soft and not dense enough that the point does go through it.

  13. I've put a transparent floor protector that is used under office chairs and it works great. It's very thin, barely visible, and hard enough that the darts won't penetrate it and just bounce off it

  14. anything worse or older than a HERO7 Black is not worth it anymore imho

  15. Same for me and I've come to the conclusion that I suck at darts 🤷‍♂️

  16. Got them in my RD value pack, 20g version, willing to sell for about 15€ if you are interested. Dunno about the shipping cost though

  17. Ahaha I think with the shipping cost I can buy 3x this darts😶 where are you from ?

  18. I've seen it being called the purist grip, referencing to the old Taylor's Unicorn Purist series

  19. I tried with a few darts over the stove but couldn't manage rainbow. Got them to be blue, green and purple. Every dart went different so I guess you couldn't replicate the fade effect some darts have

  20. Got 2 custom sets, one from Tony (CMD) and one from Graham (Grays darts)

  21. Thanks out of interest how long was the wait for cmd and did you go with a simple or complicated design?

  22. It was 4 months for me (last year) and the design was fairly simple

  23. It might not be visible in the pic but 1st dart got the shaft bent, 2nd dart broke ring and shaft.

  24. Condors are definitely a good choice but go for AXE, Zero stress are too soft and bendy

  25. That's good to hear bro. Can you compare Lstyle and the condor one if what's better to use?

  26. Down to preference, with L-style there is more to choose from and you can combine it with the stems of your choice but the flight can still fall off occasionaly. Since the Condor AXE are one piece that won't be happening with them. I use AXE and I'm still using the first set I got in february (with speciality points and the shape of the nose of my darts it feels like they're gonna last years)

  27. I got 4 Harrows PowerPoint sets in my 2 soft tip packs. Not really what I was hoping for

  28. Ok so what are those? It doesn't look like the Exacts or the Premium Whites (mighty grips). Are they the XQ Max Originals?

  29. Very similar indeed, but not the same. Some of the rings have different widths from yours.

  30. Got 2 steel packs (2 weeks ago) and 2 soft packs (a week ago) from german amazon and the steel tip were both almost the same (only different weights) and they were ok but nothing special and the soft tip were both almost the same (only 1 set different) and they were horrible (8/8 knurled, 4/8 not legal for soft tips - they were Harrows Powerpoint with soft tip in them)

  31. I got Winmau Fury in my collection and it's a very similar grip, you might want to check them out :)

  32. I don't want to sound like a dick but do not overthink it and do what feels good for you. You could get a lot of advice but in the end it's all about you feeling good about it.

  33. Also no idea why there is 24g Harrows Power Point in RD soft tip pack :D

  34. From which Amazon did you order? Would love some PowerPoint Darts at that pricepoint. :D

  35. Well, you have 11, 11 Mini, MAX and Bones - that's 4

  36. The 360 degree Horizon Lock is new for the H11. The H10, H9, and maybe a few other older models have Horizon Leveling which is about 45 degrees of leveling.

  37. Horizon lock is supported up to 5.3K/30 or 4K/60 in both 16:9 and 4:3 with the same crop as a standard Linear lens (dunno the FOV of that). If you push the FPS to maximum (5.3K/60 or 4K/120), you end up only with Horizon leveling with much more crop to it.

  38. Is 360 Horizon Lock available without the Max Lens? I understood that was required for the H10 but the H11 can Horizon Lock without the lens with the new taller sensor.

  39. The mini! Want to finally see what the official specs are on it, specifically the type of battery.

  40. It has 1500mAh non-removable battery with the Enduro technology

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