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I started making music 6 years ago, at 47 years old. When I feel frustrated by creative roadblocks, I try to find gratitude for being able to explore music making at all. It's never too late to start!

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  1. Label everything set colors set markers leave your phone and iPads in another room have no social media tabs open or anything distracting, good luck

  2. I’m generally a very happy person but I am very lonely but our capacity to be alone directly correlates to our capacity to love. Most of my best friends on the earth live so very far away. The internet has made it possible for me to, “find the others” just like Terence McKenna said. I also work full time and am a duel enrollment college student for music. I won two scholarship i couldn’t refuse so I took both. I also own an independent record label, production company, and am a music producer. I work unless I’m asleep.

  3. If the pump has those screens I won’t pump their I’ll go elsewhere I hate it

  4. We can all take a lesson from the tree. Shit gets hard, but keep growing anyway!

  5. Unfortunately the going wisdom seems to be that 2023 is the _earliest_ we can _hope_ to see it. (Though some time ago Behringer had said they were looking to release in September 2022, but I've never seen confirmation of that since.)

  6. As soon as I get the opportunity grab one I’ll be the first in line thanks

  7. Thank you, I wanted to try one but seeing the computer controlled in all the review videos made me nervous. Excited to try one!

  8. Buy both the drum machine and the synth they go together like pbnj trust meeeeeeee it’s magic

  9. What is the question precisely? I have a RD-6 and two TD-3’s and record the sounds in Ableton with my multitrack mixer, Soundcraft Signature

  10. I don’t know how to record into Abelton I’m asking how.

  11. No I'm not amazing, just a dude with a life-long fascination with synths who finally decided to jump in the deep end. But thank you.

  12. That’s beautiful though I’m a music producer and student

  13. I made it real big in bitcoin back in the day. My ex put in jail on false charges and while I was in jail stole everything and ruined my life otherwise I’d be sitting on a beach in Thailand sunburnt in a straw hat eating pad Thai and sipping Thai hard iced tea. Living my best life..

  14. Heroes in the Healing of the Nation, Zion I and the grouch. I have Zion I’s personal vinyl he toured with. I was lucky to meet him he was such a humble dude. It’s my prized possession. He gave it to me himself. His finger prints are still on the disk. I also have all his cds still in the wrapper. RIP LEGEND

  15. A Piece of Strange by Cunninlynguistics

  16. I don’t understand what I’m looking at could someone please explain?

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