1. I've posted this a few times now and get downvoted to oblivion everytime.

  2. Why tho? Footy is good. More footy is gooder.

  3. Every other football codes ends after ~90 minutes. That used to be case for AFL, time-on only added a couple of minutes to the end of a 20 minute quarter. Now time-on regularly adds more than 10 minutes to a quarter and games go longer than 2 hours.

  4. Everyone forgetting freos two fastest runners have not played this year

  5. Walker was dropped for Wilson. While Wilson isn't a bad player, it was a concerted decision by JL to drop one of our fast players.

  6. We don't have family, so it had to be the Public Trustee :-(

  7. A lot of law firms administer estates (like the Public Trustee) but because they're a private practice they're usually more efficient and cheaper than the Public Trustee.

  8. The firm we got our wills drawn up at didn't seem keen to administer and suggested PT.

  9. Many firms don't offer the service. It can be onerous. But some do offer being the executor and have streamlined the process. I know HHG does.

  10. Yes report to the Council. They'll send a letter to the occupier to trim it. I've received a similar letter from Belmont before.

  11. You came full circle and made the other commenters point for them mate. They are just frustrated that they can’t go to gay bars to meet gay people, I don’t think they are vehemently against the straights. They just want their own spaces where they don’t need to worry about offending a dude by calling him cute.

  12. I do get the frustration from the dilution of queer-only spaces, but I don't see what the solution is other than the untenable proposition of asking people what their sexual orientation is at the door. The point of lgbt+ equality is that we can mingle without fear of discrimination, and the breaking down of those walls has also broken down the walls of the old queer-only spaces too.

  13. Ahaha! Yes! Let's all laugh at the Bulldogs! Surely they're on the bottom of the ladder!

  14. I agree! Let us all laugh at the biggest disappointment to date, which is undoubtly the Bulldogs.

  15. Lived in Belmont all my life. Bought a house in Cloverdale a couple of years ago. Like most older suburbs that is being gentrified it has pockets of dodginess but it's no where near as bad as other commenters make it out to be.

  16. Easier said than done to lure stars over to WA who aren't born and bred sandgropers. Even those who are, like Naughton and McDonald, seem unlikely to come back home.

  17. It's why I'm happy to pay for Foxtel. For live sports I don't want to deal with the unreliability of streaming.

  18. Clarke with the epic game winning sideways kick

  19. Although Clarke should have ignored him, you could see Wilson calling for it. Stupid all round.

  20. We got smashed in clearances again. This much vaunted midfield is getting bullied. If Fyfe doesn't return to the middle JL should be sacked.

  21. I mean Fagan explicitly said "we were told to stay in the rooms"

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