What substances are you addicted to?

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  1. Dude central nc is a goldmine for archaic points if you’re into keeping it local- they’ve been knapping there for 10,000 years. There’s quartzite EVERYWHERE. There’s a ton of old rhyolite too. It might be harder to knap finer details but there is a ton of stuff available that’s workable.

  2. I am very much a beginner learning my knapping chops right now. I started practicing on a super hard stone which seems to prefer snapping in half inside of flaking. (I also don't have any soft percussion tools)

  3. Just my advice, take it or leave it: don't start knapping NC rock till you know what you're doing. The good stuff is not easy to come by, I wasted a lot of it when I was learning and really regret it now.

  4. It's something I've considered. I feel like I am ultimately wasting material just learning the basics. I feel like things could be made into beautiful masterpieces but they're just gonna be piles of shitty chips and flakes on the floor with nothing to show for it

  5. The obligatory toxic holocaust patch is expected from you probably

  6. you find someone like me who hand embroiders and ask em if they'll take a commission

  7. aww lost an argument and now cant do anything but use insult. Using emotion in a logical argument doesnt work son. if your debate teacher didnt teach you this you failed. But tell you what YOU own and operate a business and tell us how to run it. You talk a fucking big game boyo but ... you dont know shit.

  8. the ratio doesn't mean anything except in twitter land/reddit. Life isn't a popularity contest. The internet isnt the real world. and thats why i own my own home and you, dont.

  9. maybe religion has always been a scam used to control gullible and/or desperate people.

  10. Jokes on you I legitimately think some people would greatly benefit from a medicine like this

  11. $10 for a job that wants you to fucking completely rewrite your life from the bottom up. Fuck that shit.

  12. don't sell yourself short if you did that by hand!

  13. Only ever done one commission before. I might time it to determine a better cost

  14. I guess if anyone's really really interested you could DM me on here and we can chat

  15. I'd have handed in my resignation mid rant. Imagine the reaction! Holy shit!

  16. Great, dwarven mesothelioma. Just what we needed.

  17. My Eurofins manager said I'd get $20 when I got hired and I got $18.50 instead. They told me that after a good deal of study and training I may qualify for level 2 and get $19.50 an hr

  18. This "journalist" needs a good beating useless waste of skin.

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