1. Besides Agrias and Alisaie? Here's betting Xande will be a DE requirement... Also Khimari.

  2. Both of Lulu's calls have a fire enchant or a true enchant on LDCA, so that's probably the best choice for a Kuja call

  3. Update - So long as Cor is buffing Kuja and he has a Non-Holy enchant active, Kuja turns will always trigger counters from the Cor pre-attacks, even if he's built or has LD buff up. Done-zo.

  4. I'm only missing Sabin and Ace LD for the full set, but I guess I can't be too mad about a couple of spare HPS

  5. The best BT effect to me is already Eald'narche's Debuff extention. Never forget that it was so strong they gave a lot of Lufenia bosses immunity to Terror for a while.

  6. Well that's the kicker isn't it - I would love the full package but I missed her BT and without it most of that versatility isnt there.... I'm not going to get the phat auras or nuke button. The 70% generic HP boost is nice, but I think with hope supercharge you can get the same or better results....

  7. Just in case you didn't check, never forget your BT Tokens.

  8. In the World of Illusions tab you can farm orbs from the Magic Pots, just stick on your item drop books and spam Auto+. There's a guide to farming on TonberryTroupe too I believe, so that can help you form a party for speed, meaning a few extra runs here and there per book

  9. I made all of them to start, since then I have Unique 5/5, Greatsword and Staff both at 2/5, Sword and Spear 1/5, and everything else is 0

  10. Seems like the dress itself is restricting her movement at the knees.

  11. What do you mean by “FR charge call”? FR charging shouldn’t really be handled by calls in the first place.

  12. Simply a button you can throw out for free to charge some extra meter

  13. Again, no one really uses calls to gain FR% or boost. All calls are ITR by nature, but I don’t think any are affected by FE levels (I could be wrong). The amount of % a call may give during force time is also affected by whether or not the call meets any conditions. It could give 70, it could give like 3.

  14. Not a single one of these deserve to be anything more than a costume besides Thancred

  15. Blood crazed religious zealots fuck with local fishing enthusiasts because of squid god, thus causing the dream apocalypse.

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