1. The question should be asked the other way around, does the fetus have the right to kill you?

  2. In none of the US states is that legal. There is a federal act called EMTALA that was not overruled with Roe.

  3. Bans on abortion that don't have exceptions for the life of the mother... kill women. These are the kinds of laws that people are attempting to pass.

  4. You’d think you wouldn’t join the people that want to oppress you, though. As a gay guy I fucking loathe LGBT republicans. Fucking uncle toms, either so stupid they’ve let themselves get brainwashed or well to do enough that they don’t care about their own people.

  5. Encountering a virulently racist person who was gay many years ago led me to not be totally surprised by stuff like this.

  6. Racism is an problem in the gay community— at least the gay male community. It’s not over the top, but it’s certainly more than enough to impact people.

  7. Because I don’t like kids or want to be a dad. If the kids are older, I would have considered it.

  8. I care that she's presentable, clean and appropriate. If those are met, then anything else is just extra.

  9. Exactly. That’s the standard I hold myself to and I don’t expect any more from anyone else.

  10. Yes, God is very much okay with slavery in Christianity. We know that via the OT, and still use slavery as punishment today in the US.

  11. All forms of slavery are bad. Distancing the slavery of the Bible from the Atlantic slave trade doesn’t make you look better, it just makes you look like you think slavery is okay as long as you’re “nice” about it.

  12. No. Move to a proportional electoral college system, where state electoral votes are distributed based on the popular vote proportions of each state. That way republican voices in CA or Democrat voices in Alabama aren’t meaningless and politicians would actually need to pay attention to every state.

  13. I would see that as a great improvement, even if I support a popular vote.

  14. The universe expanded from a single point, but that point was a singularity, not nothing.

  15. YEC types are can’t be reasoned with. They’re anti-intellectual extremely biased.

  16. I wonder what its like to grow up with the internet at such a young age, to have all that the internet has become at your fingertips before you even enter kindergarten.

  17. How the brain washing going for you? Right on schedule I see. Never even said anything about gay people, so who’s the dumb one?

  18. You brought up drags queens and trans people. It’s the LGBT umbrella for the latter and the former falls firmly under the realm of G.

  19. Want to be a drag queen and entertain adults? Have at it; doesn't affect me, but stop doing shows for children in libraries with your junk visible.

  20. I would say being alone in the universe would be significantly more terrifying.

  21. God mentioned Homosexuality as a sin as he acknowledges many other acts are sins, because it is relevant in the world. I assume he wanted us to know what is sin as he wants his people to know the enemy and to guard themselves from the enemy which in this case is sin.

  22. Homosexuality goes against Gods design of Man and Woman and against his design of marriage. Gods design and intention for man and woman is to have a union, a relationship within marriage. God didn’t design for man to be for man and woman to be for woman.

  23. Yes, he knows your heart is wickedly deceitful and desperate and that you shouldn't trust it.

  24. He knows the person ain't serious about their faith at least.

  25. Lmao I'm an individual not representing anything. Stupid clown, stop thinking with your asshole. You'll find a dirty dick up yours anyways. Have some patience.

  26. Why celebrate the clay pot, when we can celebrate the artist that created it?

  27. There is no difference between the potter and the clay. They're one and the same.

  28. That’s your choice to believe. I choose to follow Jesus Christ and believe in Him

  29. I was just offering a response to your question from a "pagan" point of view, not convert you.

  30. I think this will pose a problem because once one abortion becomes botched, they can't go to the other states hospital, because guess what abortion is illegal, they have to go to the closet one in the other state, which might not be close.

  31. I don't think a state can charge you for committing a crime in another state. They wouldn't have jurisdiction. Things that cross state lines become a matter for the federal government.

  32. They took over my school board this year

  33. Do you mind saying which township(s)? I'm curious and would like to see an example of what happens when they win.

  34. Christianity teaches we live in a fallen world. Moving on, though...

  35. On the contrary, Hope implies some degree of expectation. I hope it won't rain this week. The forecast calls for sun each day, but this is the Pacific Northwest after all. It could rain, but it's not likely. I hope to see my folks at Thanksgiving this year. That is our usual practice every year, but something could go wrong with my car, or one of us could wind up in the hospital. You never know. So I expect to see them, but it's not guaranteed. I would never say that I hope when I get home today, my house will have been magically deep cleaned by a crew of elves, because that is impossible. It could not happen. That would be a wish, not a hope.

  36. I can see that way of looking at hope, it makes sense. Still, its not certainty... and that's very troubling, given the context.

  37. Yes, to those who have no bearing or understanding of God’s ways or tools it does seem tone deaf.

  38. I have plenty of understanding. I was being nice before, but since you went snarky with me I'll be honest rather than nice: telling a person struggling to get food to fast is a dickhead move.

  39. Fast and pray and make some time for a few hours with God and get your family to do so and ask your church to gather and pray. God calls all who his people his adopted children. So call out to him and he will help you. Have confidence he is with you because he says he is.

  40. I don't know where that is coming from. J how do you get to your conclusion that civil rights are against my religion? Is murder of an unborn child a civil right? What about the unborn child's civil rights? You have a right to pursue happiness until your right negates someone else's right to live.

  41. There’s so much to unpack there but I’ll keep this brief, for your sake.

  42. I don’t find this comic mean-spirited at all, but the truth sometimes hits hard. I see you mentioned in another place that MTD is the “go-to” in the West. We definitely have common ground in that belief.

  43. He wasn't all bad. He had a comic about the "cage stage" that was pretty accurate and the illustrations made me laugh.

  44. I gather that he is a pretty disliked guy.

  45. His comics were really obnoxious when it came to some issues, and others came off more than kind of mean spirited.

  46. Gala is just milk in greek though isn't? That's why we call it milky way, it's just "milky" because the myth about how "Zeus tricked Hera into breast feeding Hercules, and when she pulled him off her milk sprayed into the sky".

  47. Halloween is good day to dress like martyr and go witness to people.

  48. Halloween didnt Come from the Catholics to your horror im sure. All Hallows Eve did. Which basically is a celebration of all the Saints who have died who we do not know about. I have met many Catholics who are probably against Halloween more than you are.

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