1. blah blah blah, if you “guarantee at 12 central time sharp” after blowing it off AGAIN, you just show no respect to your viewers, who are the reason you are where you are.

  2. Lol what is this entitlement. It’s free content. This is this first time something like this has been done on YouTube. This video is going to be 3+ hours.

  3. Max and Colin didn’t edit the Good Good Cup videos. Ryder did the last 3 videos. So I assume Max and Colin were working on the Tournament videos. I would bet we would see a video soon

  4. I don’t think there would’ve been a viable defence had he pinch hit and tied the game.

  5. True that I didn’t consider that. They are also terrified of potential catcher injuries and using Daulton Varsho in emergencies there as I’ve heard on the broadcast. So I guess if Danny got hurt there’d be an issues as all the regular catchers would be out of the game. Not disagreeing with you, I think Kirk is the better option given his track record to pinch hit, just trying to think up a reason as to why they didn’t go through with it.

  6. No offence, but I don’t think that’s it. We’ve started both catchers before. In a 6-3 game the chance of tying or winning is already extremely low. Never mind Jansen getting hurt on top of that if we were going to score 3 runs

  7. I'm still confused they had a good good week with BDS and they posted like 2 videos

  8. Considering the option was to cut him, 2 5th rounders over a 6th and 7th isn’t all that bad. I’ll Take it. And the cap relief

  9. The Markham Madman/Maniac/Marauder.

  10. I really want the team to lean into this and put a sign or something up in the new bullpen area.

  11. This is a theme night promotion, meaning you have to buy a premium ticket specifically to receive this hat; it is not offered to all fans with standard tickets. Meaning you're likely only to get someone to bite if they didn't want this promotion AND you bought the ticket for them.

  12. Lefty tomorrow I think, so makes sense to use Belt today.

  13. Yup, we got lefties this off season for a reason. Use them against the righties

  14. You sound like somebody's that's never been too slow for the down low

  15. Surprised they couldn't get Alek Manoah to pitch, that guy is at the top of the league in xDawg

  16. This appears to be Kikuchi's first shout out from Pitching Ninja as a Blue Jay. That is encouraging.

  17. Not to be a downer. But this isn’t even remotely the first time he’s gotten a shout out from Pitching Ninja lol

  18. Alright. Figured I would have to bring receipts

  19. Unfortunately he's also hit three batters in 1-1/3rds innings after hitting only 8 all last season, so not making really the case for this further release point.

  20. I think this is one of those “try it out in spring training” things. Would be a very unique delivery. But I’m sure if he wants to go back to his old set up it shouldn’t be that big of an adjustment

  21. Am I missing something or is this our projected opening day lineup?

  22. No Kirk and no Belt. Depending on the opposing starter, one if not both of them will be in the lineup

  23. And the latest Good Good video that was posted 17 hours ago already has over 300k viewers, for a comparison

  24. Honestly this is what I was envisioning. No idea it actually exists! I’ll look and see what other designs there is. Thank you!

  25. My first thought is to find a metal plate of some sort and paint it black to match my light fixture. And put the plate against the roof. Then the light fixture.

  26. FWIW the Rams last year were at about 23% since they had to pay Stafford and most of Goff’s salary as well.

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