1. Sheesh, you can get a whole room for $65/night on north beach if you look. So prices are reasonable. Not sure about hostels but they have to be less I would think.

  2. 2 fingers in the crook and the crook in the palm of your hand.

  3. Why are you handling a new born bird exactly? Your looking for a long term parenting gig?

  4. Hire a private transfer. Picks you up at the ferry and waits for you at Xcaret then brings you back. We had one that took us to several cenotes on the way back. Seems like the last ferry is around midnight or just before back to Isla.

  5. This this this. Buying new is such a waste of money. And you can likely sell it for what you paid.

  6. Colorado green chili. Cut into small pieces and stir fry. Braise in a liquid or crock pot for 4 hours. Broil with bbq sauce. You can also freeze them.

  7. Is 1000/1000 what people are actually getting real world with a wired connection?

  8. Well the whole speed topic is all over the board. With their fancy new laptops connected to the modem you will get 1000 up down. Once you start moving away from new tech hardwired to modem results will vary. I was connecting an older 5yr laptop via a docking station that supports 1.2g and my speed dropped to 800mb. Then connecting wirelessly drops to 600-700. It depends on your router, technology and signal in your house. But yes - hardwired to modem with new computer 1000mb.

  9. We buy the bag of garlic and peel and freeze the cloves. It actually works well. Much better than jarred garlic.

  10. Oh, and he can also take you snorkling. He will go to the blue water for half the price as larger cheaters. And he is much more funny. We catch grouper, snapper, nothing.

  11. Last time we went full day was about $400-500 with fuel prices who knows where it is now. This is his cell. You can text him and he will reserve you a spot. +5219981564252

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