1. Pasalic taking the last penalty against Japan reminded of his super cup winner penalty against Juve 🥲

  2. Lakaka is eliminated from the tournament and Fartaro replaced by Alvarez lmao

  3. “I fucked her from the side. She made herself available. She was lying on her side, in bed, and I entered her from behind. It was rough. We didn't change position. 5/7 minutes. She said that she didn't want to, but she made herself available. The whole time it was rough, I turned her onto her side, and it was fast. Maybe she got some bruises when I grabbed her. (...) She didn't want to 'give it to me,' instead she jerked me off. I don't know any more exactly what she said when she was jerking me off. But she kept saying no. 'Don't do it' -- 'I'm not like the others.' I apologized afterwards."

  4. Who cares about goals when your striker is illegally handsome

  5. Breaking up with my gf and watching him with a boner was the best decision of my life

  6. Any reason why Leao is being kept out of the starting 11 for Portugal? (I haven’t been following their matches closely but enough to notice he isn’t starting).

  7. Vlahovic is not Milan's type of player due to his off pitch behaviour, he slept with national team teammates' wife.

  8. According to recent rumors Maldini is already preparing the money to get Chiesa and Vlahovic for 15M

  9. AC, for as long as I remember of it fabulous history, found a generation of talent and sticked them together for a decade. Just like RM and their 3 UCLs. They not only age well, but they form a connection unparalleled.

  10. I remember Lille fans were mocking him when he said this. I wish him the best but he has shown nothing so far for us to sign him

  11. This is actually much better than I expected to be honest

  12. If Senegal win it, Ballo will have won AFCON, Scudetto and WC in the same year lol

  13. He will come back in one piece and probably as a world champion

  14. And who fucking cares is Ronaldo hotter than Rooney?

  15. Exactly. Rooney looked like he is 30 even when he was 18 so I don't know why people are surprised that he looks older

  16. Damn, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope they caught it early and she can get the best treatment

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