Oil is a renewable energy source. It's continously being created deep down in the Earth's mantle, and bacteria makes it seem organic according to the abiotic theory.

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  1. Its english. Maybe you missed the setup to this bullshit war, but Ukraine asked NATO to allow them to join. Russia said 'no NATO on our front door step', Ukraine said 'we want in, NATO'. Why are you continuing to pretend this didn't happen? It was only a few months ago.

  2. Ma'am, its recent history. Everyone alive now watched what I'm telling you. Keep pretending but it doesn't change anything. You've gotten all the $0.19 you're getting from me. Later.

  3. Yes we should trust the people who covered up their effect on global warming. The people with a stranglehold on the lifeblood of the planet have our best interests at heart.

  4. The irony here. 'Your conspiracy theory is bullshit because my conspiracy theory says so' .

  5. My conspiracy isn't paid for by the Koch brothers

  6. I'm sure Martha's Vineyard will be under water soon. Same with NYC. We're all holding our breath.

  7. The phrase "All Lives Matter" is a direct response the phrase "Black Lives Matter". It didn't exist before the George Floyd protests. Those are the actual facts. You're not wrong that the phrase out of context is not inherently bigoted. But in context, it's a direct response to a movement just asking for black people to be treated justly.

  8. You're still pretending that you know what someone intended. You dont.

  9. Intending something different doesn't change the meaning of what someone actually says.

  10. Listen to yourself. This is about how YOU interpret something. Get over yourself.

  11. Who cares? CO2 is plant food. Plants 'eat' it and return O2 to the atmosphere. Humans breath O2, and trade it for CO2. Its symbiotic, not global warming.

  12. But plants can not eat unlimited amounts of CO2, just like you can not drink unlimited amounts of water. They only take what they need in a given amount of time. But we emit more than they can absorb.

  13. But we know that 60 million years ago there was 10x the amount of CO2 and plant life thrived. As did giant mammals. So it can't bad.

  14. My brother and I joked: Q: What's the only question you would ask Bob? A: Where's Norm?

  15. When I was in college there was a drinking game that required you to drink very time Vila got out of the truck with the keys in the ignition.

  16. Don’t get why people get in their feelings over the bjj guy winning. 9/10 a bjj will beat a wrestler. It goes as far as you’ll see wrestlers get tossed around by even judo guys in gym. Sometimes a simple toss while falling with full control is all it takes.

  17. A wrestler that doesn't understand BJJ will never want to be on his back, its instinct for a wrestler to not put their back on the ground. That means they always go belly down and give up their back. It takes a few months of BJJ training to get out of that habit for a wrestler.

  18. I believe the issue is the idle. The gen and oil lights will come on if the idle drops. As someone has already suggested, this may be a carb issue but sometimes when these cars get run in thw highway more than usual the fuel filter clogs from gunk in the tank getting pushed through the lines. Most issues with these cars can be solved by the basics: points, choke, timing and carb adjustments. Try swapping to a new filter, they're cheap and easy to swap. Then adjust your points and timing, then the choke. I believe this will solve your issues. Remember that advancing your timing beyond the recommended amount can cause your engine to run hotter, so getting it correct is important. Same with the carb adjusting: too lean makes it run hot. Edit: previous commentor suggest valve adjustment, which I left off my 'basics' list. Its another important but simple thing to do as a regular service.

  19. I'm not convinced that there is a shortage. I believe that many places are blaming a lack of employees on their slower business. Every restaurant in my area has huge sections roped off, yet are not crowded.

  20. I just did this with a 71 Beetle, literally this weekend. I would preface my answer by saying that I also spent a year learning the basics of auto wiring and rewiring that same car. That being said, I think adding gauges is fairly easy. If I had it all to do again, I would have routed my wires with less visibility. Anyway, most of the gauges have the input for the data, a ground and a set of wires for the internal lights (tied to the headlight switch somehow). If you want stuff like oils/coolant temp or pressure you'll need a kit that has both the sender and the gauge. Hope that helps. DM me if you have questions.

  21. This is the problem with the current culture of victimhood. People become trained to see insults everywhere because the bigger victim is rewarded. You seeing swastikas where there are none is exactly the problem.

  22. The name Svastika is sanskrit so that's its name and they are carved into this monument. The orientation yes implies a good health symbol but that's strange as well on a monument to the dead no?

  23. No. Its not strange. You're TRYING to be offended by this and its literally, actually nothing.

  24. If you read the comment i replied to you would know he said nothing about methane, only CO2. And YES plants DO turn CO2 into O2. They like to do that. Additionally, because its interesting, 60 million years ago - when dinosaurs populated the earth - CO2 levels where 8-10 TIMES what they are now. Cool, fun fact, huh?

  25. I don't think its as divided as it seems on Reddit (or any social media). Talk to real people in the real world and everyone is concerned about the same things. Gun control, abortion and Red/Blue Team nonsense almost never comes up. "Did you see the price of chicken today?", "It just cost me $100 to fill my tank" - these are real conversations I've had. Here, where probably 50% of the 'people' are not people, it seems like everyone is angry.

  26. Unless you’re an RN, NP, or MD, saying “you do this every day” is like a handyman who changes light bulbs saying he is an electrician….

  27. Unless you will admit that you gobble Dr Tony's nutsack, you should keep the adult conversation for the adults.

  28. with any luck, trump will be in prison by then and hillary will lose in the primaries to somebody much better

  29. The got him this time for SURE, right? Oh, wait. No they don't. They have nothing, just like everyone of the last times they tried to get him.

  30. Hold your breath, sporto, they got him this time!

  31. Nope, north didn't get the same financing the south did and had to deal with a famine on top of it. Basically it's a third world country.

  32. Do you know this because you've visited recently? Are you secretly Dennis Rodman?

  33. No I'm saying why is it only now and why is it only directed to one small sect of the elites

  34. Which is nothing more than you restating the previous comment. You both said the same thing, only its harder to understand you with Klaus' ballbag in your face.

  35. Its an interesting thing to note that there are very few countries in earth that DO NOT have a Rothschild controlled central bank.

  36. It more than kinda sad how hard some people suck Pedo Pete's saggy ballsack.

  37. Of course they do. They now know we could win very easily. Russia has shown their hand, and we can always tell the queen of diamonds by the way she shines.

  38. Or...Russia is the one instigating the conflict? No, no...hear me out. Maybe they're the aggressors in this situation? You know, because if the whole invading another country thing? And now claiming that they can legally keep a giant chunk of that stolen land?

  39. I wasn't paying attention, did the area in question just recently hold a vote about this? How did that vote turn out? Did they choose to become part of Russia?

  40. Maybe the French use words differently, but the only agreement is that you don't understand English. Anyway, do you have a point yet or are you just making sure everyone knows you're a hog lover?

  41. Strange how she had law enforcement right in front her with a gun pointed at her, repeatedly telling her that if she goes through that window she will be shot. Funny how that works…

  42. See, its sick fucks like you that find humor in a senseless death. There's a special place in hell for shitbirds like that.

  43. Well then we are all successful here. Go on about your day feeling better about yourself. That's all that matters.

  44. Except that Lizzie's death cert was just 'leaked' and it lists her cause of death as 'old age'.

  45. To me, I hate body work, so the rust is the biggest issue. Look at the spots just in front of the rear tires under the side step. Its effectively a frame rail and damage there is an indication of body-off type repairs. The mechanical stuff is fairly easy and the parts are generally cheap. A good carb and a working steering box saves a bit of money on parts. Also the electrical systems on someone else's project can be a difficulty. If the electrical system doesn't look like a rats nest and the engine turns I'd be happy with something in the range of $2000. If there are major parts missing, rust or wiring problems, plan on spending either lots of time or lots of money. Remember that a 'run of the mill' 72 Beetle in PERFECT condition probably only gets $10k, maybe $15k with a REALLY expensive paint job. Mostly I see Bugs on Craigslist here for 4-8k in running, non-show condition.

  46. After reading the comments here so far, I can't dispute their claims. However, I have been experimenting with multi colored PETG prints for a lighted sign and I believe there is chance it would look ok if you added filament swaps into the print. I'm not saying it would be poerfect, but it would give the general IDEA of a color picture. So far, I have messed around with layer sizes and even after 15 layers of 2 colors I feel like I'm getting too much light thru on the parts I don't want light (again, using PETG). Just my two cents.

  47. What was the resolution to this? Did anyone go to jail?

  48. Doesn't matter. Anyone who wants to assume Trump was doing something wrong will. Even if Trump wasn't on any of Epstein's planes, the fact he's been pictured with Epstein will convince some people he's automatically a pedo. I'm honestly surprised the MSM hasn't run with that as a major story, but maybe they will starting sometime next year.

  49. I have a picture with Serena Williams. Just her and I, just like the OP pic above. Does that mean she and I are friends? That we hung out together? That I banged her? Of course not. It means I have a picture with her. I saw her in NYC, recognized her and asked for a photo. I also live in an area where lots of Olympic athletes exist. I have a handful of photos with Olympic athletes. Does than mean I am an Olympic athlete? Of course not. This nonsense is so weak. If they had something on Trump, they'd have dropped it. They tried WAY weaker shit than this already.

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