1. It needs to be..... 3 times bigger than this

  2. So none of the IT movies / series was that accurate to the book?

  3. Of these, Peter, Gwen, Miles, Miguel, Ben. In that order

  4. It says besides them....

  5. That's why I said, "Of these." After over a thousand comments I didn't expect anyone to read this

  6. But the point of the post was not to pick these 5

  7. Haven't seen either. Just recently read the book. Are they worth watching?

  8. They are good, while the mini series doesn't have as good effects as the new ones, I still love both. But it is a 1100 something book and is pretty hard to get everything into a 3-5 hour movie

  9. Heard that ACO is pretty disturbing, and the book is even worse

  10. She showed up in the original secret wars before Spiderman got the new costume and her costume design was the unconscious inspiration for it

  11. I mean, they already had the design before the comic

  12. I just checked Beyonder’s design, at least they kept the colour white. I haven’t seen the show and I’m sure they kept the powers but with a static redesign certainly doesn’t feel like the real villains

  13. Agree, they kept the colors and his Personality, but for Molecule Man here, he looks like an insect

  14. At the start, I wasn't gonna watch the show, but with time I really began to appreciate it, The same was for Beyonder, I was not a big fan of his design but it has changed. Same goes for Owen here, but the sad thing is, nothing here screams Molecule Man, at least with Beyonder he had the same colors, but here, no...

  15. Doesn't even look like he's reading, looks like his eyes are closed like he's over 70 when he reads

  16. Buying keys for pure or overpricing in items

  17. I mean, he did a bottle flip, he might go for a few bucks, 5 maybe

  18. If Paul's in it, then I don't care for the plot, I just wanna know what happens to him

  19. He got that first suit from Battle Planet during the first Secret Wars comic back in the 80s. Long story short, far away planet, all major heroes go to war against all major villains, winning side gets a wish fulfilled. Lots of action. Try to find it if you can.

  20. I know how and why he got it It's more about that he's always so angry when he has it on, but when he first got it in Secret Wars (The Origin, but not the first time he actually wore the suit) he was normal like


  22. And Shocker is in the new game, so it's only a matter of time before we get that moment remade. But nothing tops it

  23. ASM 800 Symbiote suit is missing (favorite ever, with the original).

  24. I mean, these are just the major/most popular ones

  25. The cover you're talking about actually show Pete wearing the original one. But it's the right #.

  26. Original one? If that was the original one, which one is the one you're talking about then?

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